Weekend reading

25 October 2013

Another week has come and gone. Time seems to go so fast now. Does that mean I'm old(er)? Thank you for joining me here during the week. I'll be spending time in the location pictured above - our front verandah. Enjoy your weekend, spend it with those you love and recharge for next week.  XX

Michael Pollan's family meals
Putting a meal on the table, even when you're dead
Butter and cheese are better
Eumaeus and the Worm
Peace Country Homestead
Coal House - life in 1927 in a small mining town - Youtube
In a soup - many great soup recipes for my friends going into the colder weather.
Your own backyard 

From the comments here during the week

Wilderness Dweller
Flood-proof Mum
Nutmeg and Linen

There seems to be a problem with Blogger today and I've lost comments from this and other posts. I apologise to everyone who left a comment that has disappeared. I'm trying to get them back.