Weekend reading

30 August 2013

I'm looking forward to a seeing Shane and Alex this weekend. We'll be looking after Jamie too so having the two boys here together will be wonderful. I hope you're doing something you love over the next few days.

My simple living masterclass at the Brisbane Writers' Festival is booked out now, it's on next Friday. If you read my blog and have booked a place, please introduce yourself when you're there. I'm also doing a panel discussion about simple life with Antonia Kidman on Sunday 8 September from 10am till 11 am. Tickets are $12 - $16 and you can book online here. I hope to see you there.

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'Stories of Simplicity: Reimagining the Good Life' - there are many stories here about people who are living simply
How to be a gardener - the productive garden on You Tube
Another feather: here are some beautiful photos taken at a baking workshop.
We've been talking a lot about food security and home-grown produce lately and here is an organisation trying to do something about it. They need $25,000 to make a documentary, $12,5000 is already pleadged. Can you help? 

From the comments during the week
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