Weekend reading

2 August 2013
During the week, Dawn, a very generous reader, sent me a copy of a New Zealand magazine called Good. 

The undeniable fact that I have the most obliging and interested readers hit home for me again this week. The petition we all signed about SPC Ardmona struggling to keep Australian grown, tinned fruit and tomatoes on our supermarket shelves has gained almost 1400 signatures. I sent the petition link to our prime minister, our Productivity Commission and to SPC Ardmona managing director Peter Kelly. Peter was pleased with the support and he made our email available to the SPC Ardmona staff. I hope it helps keep our Australian farmers producing some of the best fruit in the world. If you haven't already signed the petition, it's not too late.

I'm at the Maroochydore library today talking about my favourite subject, The Simple Life. If you're over there, please introduce yourself. I've had a few questions about bread during my talks and it seems to still be giving some folk trouble. So next week I'll write about one of the favourite subjects here - bread. I'll do another beginners loaf and see if we can get the new bakers on the road to trouble-free wholesome bread. Another subject for next week - Perfection. It seems like a good thing but it's not what it seems.

I started writing my new ebook for Penguin earlier this week and it looks like it might be out this year. And good news, this one is for international release! So I'll be busy writing most of the weekend but I hope you have a beautiful time with those you love.  Thank you for your comments this week. As ever, I, and many others, appreciate your input here.

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And just to remind me, yet again, that my readers are not only interesting and obliging but also generous, Dawn sent me a copy of a magazine previously unknown to me - Good magazine. What a beauty it is!   It's full of great articles about slowing down, crafts, ethical clothing, good food and much, much more. Thanks Dawn! Here's a sample - What's success for you? 
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From the comments here this week
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