Weekend reading

Another week has come and gone and now the time approaches for many of us to slow down and relax. Remember, you can't be at your best unless you look after yourself. This is not being soft or lazy, it's an important part of active life. 

Thanks for your visits. I hope to see you again next week. xx

The top ten biggest wastes of money
Is it easier to go to Tesco?
Simplify your world
Is your computer stupid?
Complexity and the ten thousand hour rule
Birthday greetings now sent by Twitter and Facebook

From comments here during the week

Gentle thoughts on homemaking
Simply pottering around
Socks ahoy


  1. Thank you for these weekly posts! I so enjoy them! Have a restful weekend.

  2. Thank you so much for the link, Rhonda, I was so surprised to see it on your list I had to run and tell hubby!
    I look forward to your 'weekend reading' posts - there's always food for thought in the articles. And the blogs make for interesting reading, too!

    Hope you and Hanno have a lovely relaxing weekend,

    Best wishes

  3. Have a lovely, relaxing weekend, Rhonda. Thanks for all the great reading!

  4. Thanks for the links Rhonda, there is always something thought provoking and interesting.

  5. Rhonda, I thank you also for the link and I was super excited to see it on your weekend reading list. I always check out everything you list. Have a great weekend. Carla

  6. Enjoy your weekend Rhonda. I plan on going through some of your old posts this weekend - it's relaxing and inspiring.

    Nadia xx

  7. May you and Hanno have a wonderful weekend. I will be entertaining myself looking over the 50 life hacks list, some I never thought of, especially the egg separator....light bulb moment for me;-) Thank you for the link, what a pleasant surprise when I signed on.
    blessings, jill
    ps. My husband sends his hello. He spent time in Australia during several deployments (he did 6 total), and loves to tell many of the great fishing there...yes, he brought his fishing rod with him on the ship. In all, he visited over 20 countries compliments of the US Navy with Australia being his fav. Someday he hopes to visit the outback.

    1. Jill--I read through some of your blog posts (especially the ones about the heatwave and your geranium, and your "perfect" house picture), and knew right away that you were in California. :) I enjoyed your posts, and your quilts are beautiful.
      Heather (Central Valley/Fresno area)

  8. Hi Rhonda,

    I really enjoy the weekend reading lists, although I always miss your wonderful writing :) I wonder if one week you might invite readers to submit their favourite blogs/articles so that we can give something back to you with our suggestions?

    Have a lovely weekend,


    1. That would present me with a lot of extra work, Madeleine. It's a good idea but I have to read everything I recommend or link to and I know I'd get a lot of readers who would send in links. Occasionally someone will email a link that I include but I don't get many that way.

  9. I'm happy to say that, as far as the top ten money wasters, I don't do any of them! :) The article about the ten thousand hour rule is interesting.

  10. Hi Rhonda I would like to give you a complement, since I have been reading blogs your is the only one I keep going back to I read your every day thanks

    Linda x

    1. Thanks Linda, that's quite a compliment. BTW, this is the only blog I read everyday too. ;= )

  11. As per usual I loved the links you put on your weekend reading. Me and my daughters spent ages looking at the photo's on one of the links and we really enjoyed them. Thank you

  12. Have a lovely weekend & thank you for the reading material! Kirsten x

  13. So happy to read that out of the top ten money wasters I only do one. I take supplements, but then only ones my doctors want. So not sure if that counts as a waste?


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