Weekend reading

16 August 2013
I did the last of my library sessions at the Noosa Library yesterday. It's been a real pleasure to go out to these libraries and talk about my simple life. Most of the people who came along didn't know me so it was great to be able to talk to people who are just starting out on their own simple life adventure. But what I really loved was meeting the many blog readers who came along to say hello. That made me so happy. Thanks for taking the time and for saying hello. These sessions were really successful, with most of them booked out. The library has booked me for more talks next year so I'll have to start thinking about that to make up another set of useful and thought-provoking sessions. If you have any ideas, send me an email. 

Thanks for your visits during the week. I appreciate your thoughts, good wishes and ideas coming in through the comments. Have a lovely weekend and don't forget to look after yourself. (I mean it.)

Hanno, Kerry and Jamie spent the day together at Australia Zoo on Wednesday. Pictured here is Jamie standing on top of one of the huge crocodiles they have there.

When I went on my book tour, well over a year ago now, I walked into the foyer of Penguin in Melbourne, and heard someone speak my name. It was Kate from Foxs Lane! We had a brief chat and went our separate ways. Now I see she has published her book. It's called Vantastic and it looks like a great read. If you want to smile today, and keep smiling, go and have a look at Vantastic, the film. I haven't done a lot of blog reading lately but I'm really pleased I found Kate again, just as Vantasic arrived. Check all three links, they're not the same. :- )

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