Weekend reading

29 March 2013
The loss of you lingers - Letters of Note

Baby shoes at Tipnut

How to survive hard time - grandpappy info

Documentary films to watch online - some good documentaries for Easter viewing

What could be better than a story of birth at Easter - watch Petal's baby stand up for the first time. This is unbelievably cute and life-affirming. This will make you smile.


Now the Easter weekend is here, I hope you have a chance to relax and spend some time with your family and friends. We're going to Kerry and Sunny's home today to celebrate Jamie's second birthday and we're really looking forward to it. In Australia, a lot of people go away camping over Easter. It's the last chance for a little break away while it's still fairly warm. I hope you enjoy whatever you do. Don't forget to share the chocolate rabbits and eggs with the children.  ; - )

For those of you waiting to get back into the forum, I hope to have it up and running again sometime over Easter.  We have to move to another server to accommodate our increase in membership and that takes some time to organise and transfer.

See you all next week.