Back soon

7 March 2013
Just a quick few lines to let you know what's happening here. The first workshop is on at the library today so instead of writing a longer post, I'm putting some added touches to the presentation and making myself look presentable. All the blogging workshops, except one, have been booked out so we're looking forward to a great morning meeting all those people and sharing what we know about blogging.

We have a writing workshop on Saturday so after today's workshop we'll be going over our material for that. These are our first two workshops so it's just a matter of checking we have everything covered. Hopefully, after today's event, I'll have time to write a longer post. I was hoping to get into the garden before now but, you guessed it, it's still raining, even though it's mostly clear on the weather radar. Strange.

Anyhow friends, wish me luck, I'll be back soon.