Back and full of enthusiasm

25 March 2013
One of the pleasures of having a break away from the blog is coming back full of enthusiasm. I miss all of you when I'm not here writing and imagining, in my mind's eye, you, drinking hot tea, breastfeeding the baby, planting seeds, milking cows, collecting eggs, folding laundry, sitting in the sun, walking around in the fresh air, coming home from work to the comfortable seclusion of your home, knitting on the verandah, watching birds and insects, tending your balcony garden, rigging up the downpipes from the roof, baking or returning home from the farmers' market with a packed basket. Yes, it's better when we're all here together.

I went to Maleny Dairies during the week to pick up milk for the family. It was late afternoon, I looked over beside me and this is what I saw. The rolling hills and the brown and white Guernsey cows, on the track, making their way up to be milked.

My foot is on the mend. It's not quite back to normal yet but the zinc certainly has done a wonderful job in repairing all that damaged skin. I'm still sure I have eczema and when my doctor comes back from his own sick leave, I'm going to ask for a referral to a dermatologist. In the meantime, I'll continue with the zinc, put my foot up when I sit down and generally look after myself. Thanks for sending all your healing thoughts and prayers as well as all your favourite home remedies. They certainly were interesting reading. I believe that certain treatments work on different people. Not everything works on everyone. If you have something that works for you, hold it tight and keep using it. For me, although I've tried Manuka honey and various herbal ointments, my go-tos are emu oil and calendula salve. This time though, they didn't work. This time my saviour was zinc cream. When the nurse applied the zinc impregnated bandage for the first time, I felt it soothe my foot within the first minute. It's wonderful stuff.

Jamie showing the chooks his big hands.

One of our free writing workshops, this one at the Cooroy Library. 

So what's been happening here? A lot. I'm about to be catapulted into a very busy season again, full of writing and all my home and family activities, as well as workshops with Ernie and some work with the Sunshine Coast Council promoting simple life. I must apologise for not having the milk recipe book out by now. It's finished and I'm trying to find time to get it made up into an ebook and then it will be on sale. If you've signed up for my newsletter, and you can do that on the sidebar near the book photo, you'll be the first to receive the news when it's published. When that's out, I'll work on a new print book proposal, some simple living modules to be presented at the Sunshine Coast libraries in July and August and then I'm starting work on a Down to Earth ebook for North America, Europe and Asia. The 16 free workshops we're doing at the libraries have been successful beyond our dreams. All were booked out, and just meeting all the writers here on the Coast has given me a few ideas about how to support and encourage them through the libraries. But that's another meeting for another time.

Sunny and Jamie have been over to visit us quite a lot and we're really enjoying that. Jamie follows Hanno around like a little shadow. So not only do I get to see my gorgeous grandson run around the backyard, I've been having many quiet conversations with Sunny and along with that, the chance to get closer to her. I really do see her as a daughter now. She is such a blessing to us. And it's Jamie's second birthday next Sunday. How did that time go so fast?

As usual, Hanno has been working with me to get us through this period of me being out of action. He's done everything in the home, including the cooking for the past couple of weeks. I've either been out workshopping or at home with my foot elevated - either with my laptop on my lap or knitting. Now that I'm back in action, Hanno can get back into the garden and finished his plantings. But more about that tomorrow.