The first workshop + weekend reading

8 March 2013
We did it! The first of 16 free workshops at our local libraries. The session was booked out, they had seven on the waiting list and six walked in without booking. I'm not sure what happened to them, they were redirected back to the front desk. We had a look at the feedback forms and we had very positive feedback from the group who came along.

Of course there are a few things we have to change, but we knew we'd be doing that; it would be a rare workshop it the first run through was perfect. I can say that the future of blogging looks pretty secure if our first group is anything to go by. About eight of them already had blogs, the rest were absolute beginners and I think they are keen to get at it because there were a lot of sensible questions.

The staff at the Maroochydore library were wonderful. I had given an author talk there before so I knew we'd be looked after. Libraries as so much more than books now. The head librarian there was talking about seeds saving groups this morning, which I think is a brilliant idea.  Tomorrow afternoon we do the first writers workshop at Noosa then there are two and a half weeks of workshops on every day except Mondays. All the blogging workshops are booked out and the writing ones are almost full. Ernie created a new website for us - and if you look in the blog menu, there is a post there about yesterday's workshop.

Thank you for your visits during the week. I hope your weekend is all you hope for.