14 March 2013

Email sign up

Hello friends.

I've added the subscribe to the newsletter sign in on the sidebar. It's just near the book cover. Add your email there if you'd like to be on my email list for extra news about ebooks, workshops or general news from the Hetzel family. Your email will never be shared or given to anyone else.

I hope to be sending the first newsletter out next week with news of the dairy ebook and some workshops.   :- )  If you sent me your email address to me yesterday, please add it again to this list so I can keep it all together and organised. Thanks!

ADDITION: I just subscribed myself to the service to see what the process is all about and because Chele just emailed to tell me there is nowhere to add her name. So, when you get your confirmation email, mine went to the junk mail folder, if you click on "add us to your address book" that will stop the next newsletter from me going to your junk mail.  Also, if you find the "update your preferences button" or "update profile" button in the conformation email, click that because that is where you can add your name, in addition to your email address. Having looked through the list this afternoon, most people haven't given me their name, so their newsletters will just be addressed to their email address. It will still get to you but it's not as personal as I'd like it to be.


  1. What a wonderful idea Rhonda...can't wait to read!

  2. All done. Followed your instructions to update preferences with my name etc, and it was all very simple. I look forward to reading your first newsletter, though I must say, you do like to take a lot on, where do you get all your energy from!

  3. I subscribed again Rhonda! How is your health? Are you okay?

    Hugs, Gerry from France


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