17 January 2013

Cleaning and organising cupboards

I'm quite comfortable with chaos. I like order because it helps me be productive and efficient, but chaos is an old friend. Recently, Sarndra told me she'd clean out my Tupperware cupboard when she was here next time. The toll bell in my head rang immediately - I knew it was time to clean it out. I generally use some of the time over the Christmas holidays to get these organisational tasks done. If I can get to them all, it makes a big difference to the year that follows. When I go into the year knowing that, like a saint, I've cleaned and polished every nook and cranny, done all the ironing and every room can take a white glove inspection, well, I'm at peace and I work better during the following months.

I don't like doing it though and it doesn't always get done.

So I cleaned out the cupboard, threw out all manner of lids and containers I had no idea I had and just kept what I use. The cupboard is easy to see into now, I can easily and quickly reach what I need and I no longer dread going to the cupboard for a container or water bottle. On the contrary, now I stare at all my clean cupboards. And the oven, I cleaned that too, ditto the kitchen bench cleaned and rearranged and the laundry, spare room cleaned out and clothes cupboard decluttered. (I would understand if you left now. LOL)

This is what it looked like. No wonder Sarndra offered her help.

I dumped them all on the kitchen bench and examined them.

 Decided what I needed to keep and what was a lost orphan.

 Then cleaned the cupboard out and replaced it all.

All lids and bottoms are together. I don't have to search for them now.

All cheese making equipment together, plastic dishes for the grand-babies are together, water bottles together. I can even say: "it's in the corner cupboard" without embarrassment and know they'll find what they're looking for.

I'm not telling you this to be a complete pain. I just want to gently remind you, as we slowly move through January, there is still time to do these tasks before the real year begins. Even though they seem monumental before you start them, most of them are quick and easy and they make you feel SO good when you finish. That feeling lasts a long time too because as you work through the year you keep secretly patting yourself on the back for being such an efficient homemaker. Well, I do.  ; - )

How are you going with your annual organisational and cleaning tasks? Do you have one time in the year when you do these things, do you do something different, or nothing at all?

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