25 January 2013

Weekend reading

Ladies and gentlemen, we have rain. It started early yesterday morning and rained gently all day; the heavier rain came overnight. We got about 30mL yesterday, I haven't checked the rain gauge yet but I'm guessing it would be up to 100mL/4 inches by now. All the tanks are full. 

There is a monsoon low bringing the rain right down the coast from an ex-tropical cyclone. I know there has been flooding up north. We have many readers in Cairns, Townsville, Mackay, Rocky and Gladstone. I've been watching the weather radar because Shane and Sarndra live in Gladstone now. Rockhampton and Gladstone been covered in green and yellow rain for nearly 24 hours. I hope you are all safe and sound up there. And for those of you south of us, I hope you get your fair share of this wonderful rain. The sound of rain on the roof  is one of the best sounds I know. 

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