9 January 2013

Fire safety plan

There are many bush fires around Australia at the moment. Currently there are a few fires starting up in south east Queendsland where we live but they aren't near us at the moment. One of the mods on the forum had a daughter evacuated in Victoria this afternoon. Luckily, she and her baby daughter could safely drive to her grandparents place.  Hanno suggested I give you this link for a fire safety plan. It's the NSW plan but it's got a lot of useful safety tips for all of us.

I hope everyone in the fire zones stays safe and I hope our friends in the northern hemisphere aren't suffering too much in the cold while we swelter down here.



  1. I must admit I looked up your rough area after seeing the fires on our news in the UK last night. Hope it calms down soon and you remain safe. It said this morning that the temperature had dropped down 10 degrees which might help the fire fighters tackle things. Keeping my fingers crossed.

  2. Oh my.. Hope you all will remaine safe overthere!

  3. Thank you Rhonda!! We are an hour out of sydney and a week before Christmas there was a fire nearby (started by two teenage boys grrrrr!!!). Even though I never thought it would get anywhere near us and thankfully we were not evacuated, when we saw all the helicopters and how dark it got with all the smoke, it made me realise that i need to have a plan in case...thanks again!


  4. Glad to know that you are safe and I hope you continue to be so. It's good to have fire plans and to know them inside out ready for any emergency.

    It is so ironic that we have had SO much water here in England falling from the skies contstantly when all the time you could have done with it to dampen everything down.

    What with people being flooded out of their homes here and burnt out in the Soutern hemisphere, the extreme weather is getting more worrying each year.

    Stay safe.

    Sue xx

  5. I've been hearing about the record heat and fires in Australia and hoping that the weather breaks soon to reduce the risks. So good of you to give a fire safety plan to your readers. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, as they say. Can't be too careful.

    Hope your day goes well.

    Diane in North Carolina

  6. Its been quite a week here in Tasmania. I live on the northwest and not in the bushland but a fire started near my husbands work the went to the evacuation level several times this week. It is still burning now and the people down in the south of the state had 3 towns diminished to next to nothing. Just as things are starting to improve somewhat here in tas, we read the rest of Australia has so many fires. Its a sad week

  7. I hope things get better. It's really sad and I hope you all manage to stay safe. Love and hugs to all those affected. xx

    We could do with sending our excess water to you down there! It's been all rain, rain, flooding here.. Today we have a mega frost and blue skies. It's so cold that I can't open my dustbins....frozen solid they are!


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