Weekend reading

27 April 2012
Coming back to knitting - "To think of ourselves as makers, rather than just consumers, is the first part of refusing to accept everything in our culture as obvious and inevitable."

Great leadership -  TED on You Tube

Fresh ricotta in five minutes.

I found this blog, Lovely Greens, recently and have been charmed by it. This lady is a bee keeper and gardener.

Outback Tania has been very busy.  Check out what she's up to.

Jenni at A Cheerful Living Adventure has some delightful Topics, including one called Tea and Cake. I found Herman there. :- )


  1. Rhonda I just love the quote about knitting and makers and non consumerism. This has opened up a whole new thread of inspiration for me : ) Thankyou

  2. I feel very humbled to get a mention on your blog Rhonda :)

    My journey to a simple life started way back in 2007 when I found your inspirational blog, and I have been following and learning ever since. You are a wonderful role model for many :)


  3. I love it too, Ruthy.

    Tania, no humbleness required, love. We're all just ordinary people working towards a better life, we just happen to meet on my blog. I love what you and your husband are doing out there in, I would imagine, very trying conditions sometimes.

  4. Just wanted you to know that I showed your book on my blog tonight! Have I told you that I LOVE it!!! Well I do.

  5. Another wonderful selection of reading! I am especially enjoying the referrals to all these lovely blogs; seeing how other people approach simple living is really interesting and inspiring. Makes me more determined to keep at it!

    But everytime I visit my ma's blog (Outback Tania) I see all this lovely food she's been making, but then when I see her in person there's none left! I suspect pa and brother are to blame for that... ;)

    Have a lovely weekend!

  6. Loving the links, Rhonda, thank you!

  7. Thanks so much for mentioning my blog Rhonda - I'm very flattered :)

  8. Rhonda thanks for the links especially for the bike panniers. Panniers are so expensive to buy in the shops so I have added this pattern to my one day project list, hopefully to be made one day soon :)

  9. Rhonda, thanks for the inspriation through your book and your blog. I still have a way to go with the grocery challenge but the main thing I suppose is you have opened my eyes.

  10. Hi Rhonda - hope to be at craft on tues to learn how to crochet. Should I bring hook and wool?


  11. Shari, yes, bring a hook and wool, See you on Tuesday.



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