5 April 2012

Happy birthday Jamie!

I love my family. We aren't perfect but we support each other, we show affection and love and there is a warm and comfortable thread that ties us to each other. We celebrated Jamie's first birthday last weekend and of course, there was a get-together of family and friends to mark this wonderful occasion.

(Sorry for the poor quality of the photos today. I just cleaned the lens. ahem. :- O)

Jamie with two of his cousins. They came over from Korea for a holiday and to be here for Jamie's big day.

Sunny and Jamie above. Below Sunny, her sister, Sarndra and Alexander watch while Jamie is dressed in his traditional Korean first birthday costume.

The jacket and hat didn't stay on long.

The first birthday in Korea is a big celebration with traditional costume, gold jewellery, flowers, gifts and a banquet, so that was coupled with our more casual Australian way. It was a good mix and a delightful party. Sunny, along with her mother and sister, cooked a delicious Korean meal that we all enjoyed. Shane and Sarndra made the most brilliant birthday cake in the form of a train and Sunny gave us all traditional Korean rice cakes to take home with us.

 Shane proudly holds his son, Alexander.
 And here are Opa and Grandma with Alexander. He's such a gorgeous baby.

Here is the cake made by Shane and Sarndra and the lunch banquet below.

Jamie wasn't quite sure of the decorations and costumes and he often had a puzzled look on his face but there were also lots of smiles and the chance to spend time with his cousins, surrounded by balloons and birthday cake and lollies. He is such a happy boy. I'm not sure how many birthdays I'll be around for. I hope to see him turn 21 and even 30, but if I don't, he can look back, maybe to this blog, and see how much he was loved by all of us and how his family came together to celebrate his first birthday. 
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