6 April 2012

Weekend reading

Earthships, what are they?  on You tube

If you like clog dancing or buck dancing, you'll love this. It all seems so familiar to me but I guess it's a look back in time for many of you.  Bluegrass music and clog dancing.

Are you living true to your environmental values, or trying to, and renting accommodation? Look at this great website: Green Renters Lots of tips and encouragement here.

The five regrets of dying. I've linked to this before but I think it's a good article to refer back to occasionally. It certainly refocuses me.

After reading Lusi's comment on yesterday's post about this post, I re-read it and decided to add it here. Thanks Lusi, happy Easter to you and your family. xx

Blogs found via my comments during the week

Melissa - Melissa has a beautiful garden and blog. Do yourself a favour and check it out, it's more than gardening.

Africanaussie has been transplanted from the heat in Africa to the heat in tropical Queensland, Australia. There is so much to read here - permaculture, food production and crazy tropical plants.

If you celebrate the religious holidays, I wish you a happy Easter or Passover. Whatever you do over the coming days, I hope you're with people you love and you enjoy yourself. Thanks for your visits during the week, I look forward to seeing you again on Monday.
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