20 April 2012

Weekend reading

I loved Enid Blyton when I was younger and she's still making headlines today.

The wonderful sourdough site. If you're trying to perfect your sour dough, this is the spot for you.

"no hooks, no clips, no struggles" Dressing when you're older.

Have a look at the egg mobile. I've only just recently started reading Milkwood more regularly. It's captivated me with the productivity there, and it's always interesting.

What are the legitimate limits to copyright - the online war.

The fabulous Wisecraft blog. This is beautiful on so many levels.

Sorcha's blog. She's been reading here for a long time, she has a comprehensive blog of her own that I'm sure you'll find interesting.

Read the nappy chronicles on The Provincial Homemaker - there is a very cute photo of the washing line.
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