15 March 2012
Hello everyone. Rhonda and I are so amazed that there are so many who have signed up for the apron swap. I also have some ladies who e-mailed me and they are in the swap also. The sign up is now closed. It will take me until the weekend to make the swap buddy list as we have so many this time around. I was so very happy to read through the list and find many many beginning sewers. This is so exciting and just what we wanted. I will be posting links to tutorials and ideas this weekend. I meant to do it earlier, but I have been a bit busy. Keep checking the blog for your swap buddy and for links.


  1. Take it easy Sharon! We'll be waiting ;o)

    Nice to see so many people responding!

  2. As Sharon said, the swap is now closed and no more names will be accepted. Such a great response. I'm looking forward to seeing all the photos of aprons I know we'll have when the swappers start receiving their aprons. Thanks Sharon.

  3. If you need any help with the list, let me know. I have the time.

  4. Sharon and Rhonda....Thank you for all your hard work to make this swap happen.
    I hope everyone enjoys the experience,it is all about the fun ladies !

  5. Thanks for your great effort,obviously a huge response. Waiting with bated breath for the weekend.

  6. Hi Sharon OR Rhonda,

    My name is down for the APRON swap-Just a brief comment to let you know I will be off line from tomorrow holidaying in QLD (Im from NSW) :) until the
    27th march- so will not not be able to corresspond with my swap partner until I return if you could let them know this, so they do not think I am being rude...
    my apron is already started.I will respond as soon as I return to her. Kind regards

    email again for your info:
    jools (seventeen forty three) at bigpond dot com

    Thanks you!

  7. Hi Jools, thanks for letting us know. It will make Sharon's job much easier knowing you'll be away.

  8. I'm so glad you're posting links for tutorials.....I have not sewn in 25 years so will be looking for all the help I can get....will wait until you put up those links now instead of starting my own search on line


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