Weekend reading + a milestone

16 March 2012
This week, as well as passing on some links I think you may be interested in, I also want to mark the 5 millionth visitor to this blog. You have all made that happen and I thank you for coming back to read over and over again. We have a really wonderful community of like-minded people here. We're all on a journey towards something better, we're all hoping to live interesting lives with people we love, and we know a simple life will give us that, and more.

By the way, you'll notice two counters on the side bar. One is for visitors, one is for page views. For those who don't know what the difference is: a visitor - you on your daily visit, will increase that number by one. If you read more than one page while you're here, how ever many pages you read will be registered as page views. My page views counter is set to record the number of pages viewed in the past month - you can see it go up and down. The visitors' counter only ever goes up. The numbers don't mean anything in themselves, they're really just a point of interest and maybe they provide new comers with a gauge to show there is interesting information here that many people are reading.

It's been a very big week here and also the culmination of the book promotion. I have to tell you I'm exhausted but I have many days ahead when I know I can relax and do things I love doing, so I'll spring back to normal pretty soon.


I sometimes come across a piece of writing that I wish was mine. When structure and meaning is so genuine and balanced, and the words chosen and placed so perfectly, well, I am almost transfixed by the writing and read it over and over again. This letter by John Steinbeck is such a piece.

I thought this article was interesting, but don't click on the gift guide, it's too depressing.

This is so beautiful. I found it on Soulemama's blog during the week. Watch the whole thing. It's ten minutes that will slow you down and make you think. Maybe it will have the power to change you.

Becci's blog has some great ideas and recipes.

Treats for chickens.

Now is the best time to plant potatoes, garlic and strawberries in warmer climates. Green harvest has their new stock really for posting.

Thank you for your visits this week, for your comments and for your good wishes, both here and in emails. I hope you have a beautiful and productive weekend.


  1. Our new chickens arrived yesterday, I'm so excited! (and I never would have got them if not for you, so thankyou) That chicken treat link is very timely.

  2. Dear Rhonda,
    i have been visiting for just two days and love your blog.

    i made your biscuits yesterday, condensed milk, lots of butter ... i topped them with pecans, almonds or honey and they were a treat. Two days ago i bought a very old woodstove which i can't wait to get fired up and get into some of your other recipes.

    thanks for sharing, terry (stay at home dad)

  3. Lol, just catching up and enjoying your pics from the book launch tour then reading about weekend reading and counters. Many of us must look in after the children have gone to school as the pageview counter went up by 50 while I typed this :D!

  4. Hi Rhonda, I have been lost on the letters of note website, what a treat!Thank you! Just read a harrowing account of a masectomy performed in the 1800s with no anesthetic or pain relief! Thank goodness for modern medicine! Regards Julia in Bowen :)

  5. Congrats on reaching 5million visitors!!!!!!
    Thanks for the link up too mwwahhhh!

  6. Just watched the beautiful video you posted a link too.
    As he said
    Oh My God"
    It was amazing and I loved the old man's philosophy.
    Thanks for your Blog I am a new reader.
    Cooloola Cove

  7. How wonderful that your wisdom and expertise on frugal, sustainable living is being discovered all around the world. what a difference you both have made to many lives.
    Huge Congratulations ! Haven't the years flown since you first began this blog. Who knew.... xo

  8. Is this a dumb question? How do you get to the final comments to read them when there are more than 200?

    brenda from ar

  9. I read the article about gift-giving and I have to say that gift giving has become a real challenge for me. I spent a month knitting a scarf for my sister for Christmas. She gave it away the same day. I made a beautiful coral necklace for niece's birthday. She never mentioned it until my sister asked about it. She described it as "those orange beads".
    I love to make personal gifts, but I am running out of ideas. Maybe I should stoop to the old gift cards.

  10. Just watched the video...amazing! The music and words of the old man are still with me! Beautiful!! Darlene

  11. Have a great weekend!

    Love from Holland

    P.S. I just finished an old stitchery of yours. Thanks for sharing!

  12. I purchased your book from an online store this week and got it yesterday, i have nearly finished it already. I can really relate to the opening chapter, a great read.
    Today i made the biscuits and put a few choc chips in, though i froze 2/3 of the dough, hope it defrosts ok. my son ate so many of the biscuits i have had to hide them.
    Enjoying your blog.

  13. Great recommendations as always. Have a great weekend Rhonda!

  14. Congratulations on the 5 million visitors, wow what an achievement! You deserve it.

  15. I love the Letters of Note site. Just this week there were a couple of insightful letters from the wonderful EB White on the importance of free press. For writers of lists, you may be interested in the sister site, Lists of Note - http://www.listsofnote.com/. Gotta love a list!
    Thanks for all your inspiration, Rhonda. This weekend I'm making my first batch of laundry liquid.

  16. Congratulations! Yours is one of my favorite blogs, happy to see you doing so well. We've created a storage/linen closet because of you. (I want to get it properly stocked before I 'show it off.') Have a great weekend.

  17. Dear Rhonda,
    My husband and I found your blog a few weeks ago after reading an article about your book. So much of what you say resonates for us.
    We have thoroughly enjoyed watching the Gratitude link this weekend. It did help us to slow down and take stock after a busy week working and living in Hong Kong.
    Now patiently waiting for delivery of your book. Congratulations on the publication as well as the great interest being shown in your blog.
    Anne and Duncan

  18. oh my gosh John Steinbeck's letter to his son is heart wrenching & true. Just the sort of thing I wish I had said to my children. I am grateful to have come across it here as I can now tell my grandchildren x

  19. Well, Rhonda, you've managed to do something I would never have been able to do in my entire life.
    My younger sister discovered you in an article in the weekend's Herald Sun and asked me to if I'd heard of you and the book you'd recently released....Gracious me, is that a question?!!
    I went on to explain that I've been following you for years and yes, I've heard of the book.
    She's moving out of home this year and she requested that I buy her your book instead of chocolate for Easter. And asked me to help her with all this 'simple living' and budgeting stuff.
    Thank you Rhonda. You're a legend.

  20. LOL Sonia, I hope that together, we can help your little sister onto a simple and secure pathway. Good luck with the budgeting.

    1. How do I buy the book pleeease?

  21. Thanks for the links Rhonda. I particularly enjoyed John Steinbeck's letter and the Tedx film. Has given me a great start to my day!

  22. Hi, I just found out about your Blog and am so impressed that I am promoting it on mine..
    God Bless you, your a gem!

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