20 March 2012
Hello All,
Rhonda and I have been quite pleased at the number of participants in this swap. It took a little bit longer to organize this many swappers. Now it is ready and I encourage you to look over the list and contact your swap buddy as soon as possible. Due to the fact that this list is a few days late, I am extending the swap deadline until April 25, 2012.

I would like everyone to contact their swap buddies 3 to 5 days. Please remember that you will need to check your spam box or bulk mail box for your partner's email as it may not appear in your regular email. Something like this has already happened to both Rhonda and I! If you have not heard from your swap buddy within a week, please contact me immediately so that I can see what needs to be done.

Please remember to limit your package to the following:
1. your apron
2. your recipe card, and
3. a postcard or a photograph from the area where you live.
We are all living in tough times. This limited package can be mailed in a padded envelope thus making the cost of mailing cheaper.

This is not a contest to see who can stuff the most in a box.


There is a handful of ladies that share the same first name. So please, try your name with your email address carefully. Whenever possible I added something like "in NZ" to tell one swapper from another. The list follows:
PAIR Swap Buddy Swap Buddy
1 Pippa ibbotson6 at btinternet dot com AND Robyn in CA bcbeaveratheart at gmail dot com
2 Kimberly pastry (underscore) princess (at) hotmail (dot) com AND Sally sabesabe(at)me(dot)com
3 Monica 5hfarm (at) centurytel (dot) net AND Pauline paulinexyz at hotmail dot co dot uk
4 Michele justmh70atgmaildotcom AND Julia jdotwhitbyatwestnetdotcomdotau
5 Kathy Austin kathy at seekingself dot com AND Janie janesarchet (at) hotmail (dot) com
6 Chelsey chelseycrystalatyahoodotcom AND Jules jules_wooldridge(at)hotmail(dot)com
7 Jessica jessica.bunneh (at) gmail (dot) com AND Elisabeth elisabethhaase(at)gmail(dot)com
8 Yeresa tttooneratcomcastdotnet AND Jeanneke musselkanaal55[at]knid[dot]nl
9 Melanie melanie_sykes(at)hotmail(dot)com AND Liz liadotmcintoshataphdotgov.au
10 Annie haphazardhomestead at gmail dot com AND Robyn buck buck dot robyn at gmail dot com
11 Monique goodoldhousehold(at)gmail(dot)com AND Charlotte charlottenas(at)hotmail.com
12 Becci beccisund (at) yahoo (dot) com (dot) au AND Barb barbann3584atyahoodotcom
13 Elizabeth eaq1012 at att dot net AND Lisa lisabaptistaatrocketmaildotcom
14 Sharynne sharynned(at)hotmail(dot)com AND Sue in US sue dot a dot dobbins at gmail dot com
15 Annie anniemags at bigpond dot com dot au AND Scarlett shilton1 at roadrunner dot com
16 Katherine bpkdmurphy(at)gmail(dot)com AND Vanessa wsay(at)aapt(dot)com(dot)au
17 Mel melissab9 (at) hotmail (dot) com AND Barbara compostqueen(at)hotmail(dot)com
18 Karen in NZ 6sqwooeywabbitz at gmail dot com AND Jane janelovesbluey(at)yahoo(dot)com(dot)au
19 Erika thereandbackagainfarm(at)gmail(dot)com AND Carrie honey30(at)y7mail(dot)com
20 Lynn in US poppilinnstudios at gmail dot com AND Vivien Knutty dot kneedle at gmail dot com
21 Larissa larissa at thewoodenspoon dot biz AND Carla a.jordan (at) westnet (dot) com (dot) au
22 Jeanie jams2250 at yahoo dot com AND Holly nerdymomma at gmail dot com
23 Debbie ddolzer (at) hotmail (dot) com AND Allison rabbithorns(at)gmail(dot)com
24 Stacey stacey underscore clay at bellsouth dot net AND Rochelle whydiss at gmail dot com
25 Margaret margie37 at optusnet dot com dot au AND Lisa T lisateresa (at) catholic (dot) com
26 Meghann meg (at) bflomama (dot) com AND Lynn in OZ lynnwood5162 at gmail dot com
27 Kathy M kathmcd (at) arkangles (dot) com AND Liz lizzie402001(at)yahoo(dot)com
28 Brenny brendadotseaderatgmaildotcom AND Lauren laurenjordan(at)livedotcomdotau
29 Gillian bygillybean at gmail dot com AND Deborah debh dot calvert at gmail dot com
30 Darlene d(dot)m(dot)roudebush(at)gmail(dot)com AND Roberta robertagowin(at)msn(dot)com
31 Dhilma dhilmaa at yahoo dot com AND Judy tomjude(at)internode(dot)on(dot)net
32 Kirsten kirsten(dot)phillips(at)live(dot)com AND Julie princess poppy(at)gmail(dot)com
33 Tracy atkinsontr(at)msn(dot)com AND Catherine calidore(underscore)home(at) yahoo(dot)com(dot)au
34 Sue red sueredwards at gmail dot com AND Candice candice dot ilg at gmail dot com
35 Jane janemurphy82 at gmail dot com AND Becca rebecca dot schaake at gmail dot com
36 Fatima fatimasafe at gmail.com AND Gayle gaylespain(at)hotmail(dot)com
37 Jenny jennyofelefantz at bigpond.com AND Ros ros burton (number one) at gmail dot com
38 Bel spiralbel at gmail dot com AND Charlotte charlottenas(at)hotmail.com
39 Emma emma_hobson at hotmail.com AND Narette nutri.nazz at gmail dot com
40 Hedija kkrasta(at)inbox(dot)lv AND Philomene lensveld at msn dot com
41 Trina girllovestosew(at)yahoo(dot)com(dot)au AND Sharon in CA sdkeizeratgmaildotcom
42 Sue in Oz greenmeupgranny at hotmail dot com AND Sheila hduceg04(at)yahoo(dot)ca
43 Gertine gertine1984athotmaildotcom AND Irma irmaf(at)skitterblink(dot)co(dot)za
44 Rhonda evadne(dot)bradley(at)gmail(dot)com AND Audra wildflowerlynn(at)cox(dot)net
45 Maria mariapgoodwin at hotmail dot com AND Sanchia sanchia(at)sanchia(dot)com(dot)au
46 Shelley alllittenup at gmail dot com AND Wendy in UK rwshipleyathotmaildotcom
47 Fay baudains at iinet dot net dot au AND Rozann rozylass at gmail dot com
48 Deb primrosehappysnapper at gmail dot com AND Fabienne ramaekersf at msndotcom
49 Jade thejadeleaf at gmail dot com AND JoAnna bananariverquilts at yahoo dot com
50 Karen silkk at xtra.co.nz AND Lynette lynetteah at virginmedia dot com
51 Andrea andrea at richservices dot com AND Rachel in Oz rachelcbooth (at) gmail (dot) com
52 Leah terrytribe (at) gmail (dot) com AND Anja anjaborrink at gmail dot com
53 Mary Ellen memc118 at yahoo dot com AND Faith crinkled(dot)tuppence(at)gmail(dot)com
54 Quin qcanadais(at)gmail(dot)com AND Wendy in ZA gaviny at mweb dot co dot za
55 Jen scherrj(at)cochise(dot)edu AND Narelle npe09777 (at) bigpond dot net dot au
56 Eileen emr4kids at msn dot com AND Simone simonedilkara at gmail dot com
57 Coleen accrisanti at yahoo dot com AND Ellen ellen(dot)frerotte(at)gmail(dot)com
58 Yvonne gandy79(at)gmail(dot)com AND Brenda mrm041593atyahoodotcom
59 Gretchen chathamom(at)aol(dot)com AND Kim kimtchandler at gmail.com
60 Brooke brooke[at]thehomespunjournal[dot]com AND Amy mamabeanof4atverizon.net
61 Jikkes kiekesier at zeelandnet dot nl AND Jitske kiekesier at zeelandnet dot nl
62 Cynthia mumma (underscore) ox (at) yahoo (dot) com (dot) au AND Silvia silvia at stoddart dot ca
63 Christina christina_frog25(at)yahoo(dot)com AND Clarien Clarien at zonnet dot nl
64 Shelly shelcof at gmail dot com AND Chelle Myersdot25 at hotmaildotcom
65 Sherri ksmorrison at platinum dot ca AND Marnie marnie at nooneewilga dot com
66 Sherri in US ms(dot)sherri(dot)conrad(at)gmail(dot)com AND Fiona FMAM at aol dot com
67 Leanne simpleliving(at)bigpond(dot)com AND Miriam mad_mim(at)hotmail(dot)com
68 Helen in NZ zipperunderscorehmmathotmaildotcom AND Hannah ukhannahjones (at) aol (dot) com
69 Debbie wildwils at iprimus dotcom dot au AND Fiona in Oz fiona dot m dot moorhouse at gmail dot com
70 Kelli kelli (dot) herlevi (at) gmail (dot) com AND Angie angiegrant@hughes.net
71 Donna dkhamby at msn dot com AND Ahlia darrenandahlia (at) iinet (dot) net (dot) au
72 Karen in US brwn(underscore)eyedgirlathotmaildotcom AND Tracey tracey67(at)bigpond(dot)net(dot)au
73 Andrea darkhorse06 at hotmail dot com AND Jools Jools(seventeen forty three)(at)bigpond (dot)(com)
74 Helen helensscrapstudioatyahoodotcomdotau AND Julie gandjodea(at)hotmail(dot)com Australia
75 Ana ana(dot)camolese(at)yahoo(dot)co(dot)uk AND Su su(dot)wilson(sixsixsix)(at)uku(dot)co(dot)uk
76 Nickie nickie underscore king at hotmail dot com AND Shawnie bsemmons@hrecn.net
77 Claire claire.edwards at uq.edu.au AND Kelly herrmannkm05(at)uww(dot)edu
78 Rozlyn rozlynchidgeyatiprimusdotcomdotau AND Denise shllwbrk at msn dot com
79 Katrina hutchymum(at)hotmail(dot)com AND Rachael the(dot)china(dot)lady(at)gmail(dot)com
80 Sanne familie(dot)corsten(at)freenet(dot)de AND Gail allsimpleblessings(at)yahoo(dot)com
81 Sharon in NZ harker hyphen gilmore at paradise dot net dot nz AND Monique D monique.dons at home.nl
82 Maria in UK semmmaria at yahoo dotcodotuk AND Kate Info(at)purplepear(dot)net(dot)au
83 Juanita juanita(dot)richardson(at)whitireia(dot)ac(dot)nz AND Sharon in UK sbl661 at hotmail dot com
84 Rosie rosieblogs at rocketmail dot com AND Helen helendottristramatgmaildotcom
85 Jude judeandmichaelatbigponddotcom Bettina bettina(dot)lauth(at)bachstrasse57(dot)de
86 Diane diane (dot) klasen (at) pacific (dot) net (dot) au AND Saskia smit(dot)prt(at)planet(dot)nl
87 Fiona innerpickle (at) yahoo (dot) com AND Jennifer jenn2194ataoldotcom
88 Jen in Oz theaccidentalhousewife(at)live(dot)com AND Rachel in US martindale dot r at gmail dot com
89 Natalie nattyj (at) aanet (dot) com (dot) au AND Michelle in US mshelliep at tds dot net
90 Rachel in NZ priorhillatxtradotcodotnz AND Ursula fairyflower1978 at yahoo dot com
91 Michelle W michelle(dot)ward(at)live(dot)com(dot)au AND Patricia pewaltersatinternode dot on dot net
92 Alison alredfern(at)bigpond(dot)com AND Shirley-Ann ssat40athotmaildotcom
93 Anne redmanne at gmail dot com AND Robyn rw5 rw5(at)optusnet (dot)com(dot)au
94 Deb gccmom(at)aol(dot)com AND Capi sewcloudy(at)gmail(dot)com
95 Penny selendyne at yahoo dot com dot au AND Michelle T mnktaylor at bigpond dot au
96 Vickie vickie dot leblanc at usainteanne dot ca AND Sarah sfouilla at yahoo dot com
97 Kathy kathyros at bigpond dot net dot au AND Leanne C clearly1 at bigpond dot com
98 Ruth busymummy(at)xtra(dot)co(dot)nz AND Bessy bessyarg at freemail dot gr

I hope you have a lot of fun with this swap. Contact me with any problem.
Links to tutorials on apron making will follow in a separate post.
Hugs, Sharon


  1. Thanks for organizing the swap! "Sew" excited! :)

  2. Thanks for the info! Can't wait to get started - now I know what I'll be doing on my Easter holidays!! :)

  3. Thanks for organizing the swap!
    First stitches already done :>)
    Happy swapping!


  4. Unbelievable.. Nearly two hundred ladies who want to join this swap? What a turnout!

  5. I have emailed my swap partner. Thanks!

  6. Hi Sharon,
    I tried to email my buddy twice,once using my work email address and then with the bigpond account. Both attempts failed aand reported that the email address for Leanne C is incorrect.
    Could you check please and let me know,
    Many Thanks Kathy

  7. Hi Kathy,
    The mispelling has been corrected. Please try again.

  8. Yay!!!

    I've tried to email my partner but the email keeps getting bounced back to me.
    Could Barb of barbann3584atyahoodotcom please email me at beccisundatyahoodotcomdotau.
    I tried adding au to the end but that didn't work either

  9. Oh my goodness!!! Almost 200 of us!!!

    I am so excited - I haven't got an apron and I am just so over the moon to be participating in this way to get one!!!

    Thank you Sharon for organising this!

  10. Hi Sharon and Rhonda, so many people wanting to make aprons. This was such a lot of work for you to organise, thank you.

    Pippa x

  11. Look forward to this fun swap , thanks for organizing this . Let the stitching begin ;-) Sheila

  12. hi Rhonda and Sharon, I was excited to see the swap list but cannot find my name:( Did i make some mistake when you were asking for names?

  13. Hi Sharon,

    Although i left my details on the original apron swap post, I don't seem to have made it onto the list. Actually it looks like a number of people after comment 200 are not on the swap list. Is it still possible to be involved?

    (sandra dot mckean at optusnet dot com dot au)

  14. How exciting! Look at how many people are participating! Wow. I just emailed my swap buddy. Thank you so much for hosting and organizing all of this.

  15. So fun and exciting!! Can't wait to get started! Darlene

  16. Oh well; maybe next time... I signed up, bought fabric and everything... perhaps I'll make the next one.

  17. Went back and looked for my sign-up and couldn't locate it; it must have gotten lost in transition... no worries.

  18. Thank you for hosting the Apron Swap! I am looking forward to meeting my swap partner via mail! I emailed her yesterday afternoon...looking for ward to hearing from her.

  19. I left a comment on the original post but apparently it didn't make the list :(. OH well, maybe next time.

  20. sorry! it should be jchute3 at bigpond dot com

  21. Good Morning! I seem to be having trouble reaching my apron buddy--the address I am using is laurenjordan(at)livedotcomdotau (of course, I have changed it and put in the dots...)
    Has she been in touch with you?
    I really appreciate the time and effort you and Sharon have put into organizing this swap!
    Thank you!

  22. Hi Sharon
    I too am having difficulty reaching my apron buddy. I have not received a response to my email, and I am wondering if I am miss reading the adress.

    I have emailed Audra
    Adress wildflowerlynn at cox dot net

    Please let me know if I have this correct.

  23. My apron is finished. I just need to decide on a recipe and get a picture when I get an address. I have been in contact with my partner though.

  24. aaahhh.. an apron swap!! I wish I'd have seen this sooner! I would've loved to have been in this. I love aprons and have my husband's grandmother's old apron. I like making these for wedding gifts. oh well, maybe next time!!
    Great swap idea!

  25. Stupid me!!! I was so excited about the apron swap I had my apron made by the end of the day after it was announced. I realised I had to sign up here, but I had the idea the swap buddies would be posted on the forum, and I have been waiting and waiting....now I see I am too late.

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