Weekend reading

23 March 2012
My first link is to Gooseberry Jam's blog. Meet Laura, the newest baby born into this lovely family.

And speaking of beautiful babies, look at this swaddling blanket. I have two people very close to me who are having babies later in the year. I'll be making this.

There are a lot of new simple living blogs now, just shows how many people are making this important change. I found this new blog after following a trail. It's English, interesting and recommended.

If you're interested in Waldorf-inspired, simple living families in the UK, check out mamaUK.

You know I have a soft spot for Pickles. Here is their breezy sofa blanket. As usual, it's gorgeous.

Steve Jobs: How to live before you die

Another link suggested by pigsmightfly is gracelinks, but it is American, so best for the American readers.

Thank you for your visits and comments this week. Hanno and I were on two national TV programs this week so there have been a lot of new readers coming to the blog and flowing on to the forum. Welcome to the newcomers, I hope you read back through the archives and find what you're looking for. Have a beautiful weekend, everyone.


  1. Good morning to you Rhonda! Just wanted to tell you that your book finally arrived in my mailbox. Couldn't be better with the first lovely sunny days of spring! ;o)

    And thsnk you again for those lovely links. Like the one about Laura and her family.

    For me it's almost time to go to bed. Hope you all have a great weekend!

    Love from Holland.

  2. I have sewn three of the swaddling blankets for our 7th grandchild due this May from the pattern in the One Yard Book. Love the way it turned out but after the third one I was done with all the bias tape edging. Very time consuming. But an easy pattern to follow though.

  3. Hi Rhonda & Hano,

    Hoping you two are nice and dry up in the hinterland, I know us coastal dwellers have seen enough flooding overnight.

    Enquired about your book at the library, it looks to be a winner there as well. It was in the stage of being ordered in & already had 20 reservations. Well done. I feel those that use the library, are also your invisible cheer quad.

    I am loving the book, when I find time to myself. It's good knowledge that I wish my parents & grandparents had passed onto me. All I managed to get was how to use a microwave, or put a fish finger in an oven. Which in itself is a sad statement.

    Stay dry,

  4. Long term reader of your wonderful blog and member of DTE forum, firstly sincere congratulations on a well done job of bringing to the fore a wonderful lifestyle of simpicity which I embrace.
    Alas as a pensioner so far I have been unable to spare the money to purchase your book, it is a mite expensive for me, one thing in my crone yrs that I have had to forsake has been purchase of magazines and novels manage my love of reading via local library,
    Wishing you continued success,

  5. Thanks for the links Rhonda...i had already dropped by to give the gooseberries happy congrats...isn't Laura just gorgeous!!
    I also forgot to say i caught your segment on A Current Affair last week which was great (everyone in Aust should know how to make laundry liquid by now, lol!!)after all these appearances!!
    Hope things are calming down a little for you and Hanno though now!
    Lovely to hear you have newcomers visiting...poor things will get caught up in the archives for ages though...happened to me and that was a few years ago now!!
    Enjoy your weekend xx

  6. Rhonda, Your book has just arrived, it is so beautiful. I can see myself dipping into this for years. How are the sales going? Must be a nice feeling considering they turned you down at first!
    Sue - in a slightly drier Brisbane

  7. Hi Susan, the sales are going reasonably well. It was on the Australian top 100 bestseller list soon after it was published. Now it's still on the Fishpond bestseller list. Thanks for the feedback. I hope you enjoy reading it.

  8. Dear Rhonda, I just wanted to write and thank you for writing such an amazing book, I have just got my copy today, over an hour round trip to do so, then most of the arfternoon gone reading through it, I have just torn myself away to try and do something productive for the day! I can see it becomeing my best friend and look forward to working my way through it. xxBrenda

  9. Oh my goodness, I just bookmarked nearly all these patterns and blogs. Such a great way to start my morning!

    Thanks, Jen

  10. Hi stranger! I just came across your blog after browsing in Kids Spot. It really reminds me of my Mum and Dad's place so much. Your book sounds like something my parents are wanting to write in the next 5 years - well done for getting it published!
    Cheers, Ursula



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