28 March 2012
After sorting through all the comments, and because some swappers did not communicate with their partners or decided not to participate after all, I have had to update the apron swap list as follows. If you do not find your name on this list, it is because I have had to re-pair several swappers (and in the process remove those that did not communicate). Here's the list:

Jessica jessica.bunneh (at) gmail (dot) com AND Ellen 3kidsanderson@gmail.com
Brenny brendadotseaderatgmaildotcom AND Jacinta jchute3 at bigpond dot com
Bel spiralbel at gmail dot com AND Beulah bfields at gmail dot com
Jacqui rjblhadams(at)y7mail(dot)com AND Rozann rozylass at gmail dot com
Carla moraliaweblog (at) yahoo (dot) ca AND Clarien Clarien at zonnet dot nl
Rozlyn rozlynchidgeyatiprimusdotcomdotau AND Denise shllwbrk at msn dot com

PS. Melissa in Costa Rica, please leave your email in the comments after this post as soon as possible for a possible swap partner.



  1. Thanks you Sharon for working me in as a substitute partner. I'm off to email my partner now.

  2. Sharon,
    If there's anyone who doesn't have a partner, but would like one I'd be happy to fill in. I'm in the US, but am happy to ship international. If not, I'll simply wait for the next swap.
    Thanks so much!
    lenahan (at) zoomtown (dot) com

  3. Esther, I do have a late sign up who could use a partner...please e mail me. Sharon

  4. I finally heard from my orginal swap partner, but I'm happy to have two, unless you have anymore late entries.

  5. OK, I am confused, but that isn't hard! LOL. I had a buddy on the first list and sent and email and heard back. I finished my apron, am ready to send. I do not have her address and re emailed asking for it. I have yet to hear back though. Based on the "new" list. Do I have the partner or not? I have everything ready to go. Just waiting to hear back again from her. This new list seems much shorter and I am not on it! Please advise! shilton1 at roadrunner dot com

  6. Hi Sharon,

    I just got an email from my swap buddy (who is very busy graduating from culinary school).. is it possible to rematch my new one with someone else? I don't know if I can manage two aprons. Sorry for the confusion and thank you for all the hard work you put into this.


  7. My apron swap partner and I have exchanged information, but were not on the list this last time around. For some reason, I haven't noticed the "swap posts" until I notice them on the sidebar of your site, Rhonda. Maybe others are experiencing this same thing?


  8. Jessica
    forward me the email your original buddy sent and I will e mail her and buddy her with another. You keep only this latest buddy.

    this new list has nothing to do with you , you just mail your apron to your swap buddy that you have.

    Rozy Lass
    -forward me your original buddy"s e mail and I will partner her with one of the late enty ladies since she was a "late entry"

    please e mail me so I can try to connect you!!


  9. Hello Sharon...don't panic I am not a late starter lol,I would have entered but did not want to let anyone down due to ill health,i am an apronaholic and would have loved to,I just wanted to say i have been reading and watching the swap progress and wanted to say you deserve a medal! it must have been a shocker of a job,some pull out some new ones in,some mixed up...I think you must be feeling frazzled,well done to you for organising this and if there is another one sometime i shall hop aboard.I just wanted to say you are great for all you have done for the girls.

  10. Hello Sharon,

    Melissa here. My email address is



  11. Hello to Sharon,

    Your friend Rhonda was bragging on you, and shared a bit of your struggle, and just let us know how much she appreciates you. So you know, I appreciate you too, and wish for the health of you and your family to greatly improve. Thanks for what you share for the benefit of all of us out here.

    Blessing to you and yours.

    brenda from ar

  12. Thank you this fabulous and so much hard work for you!

  13. Hi Sharon,
    Thanks for all your work with the apron swap. By buddy Sue and I are getting along great, we have to stop writing to each other and find some time for sewing!
    This swap means a lot to me because it will be my first sewing project - and I'm the kind of person who really needs a deadline to work towards LOL
    ((((Sharon)))) hugs for you.
    I hope you feel better a bit more each day,
    Love Candice

  14. Hi Sharon,
    missed out on this swap (did not get my act together in time for close date)but really looking forward to the next, that proably makes you shudder lol.

    Just wanted to say my thoughts are with you and I am sending lots of positive vibes your way.

  15. My partner Ros, and I, have made contact. :-)

  16. Hi Sharon,

    I wasn't sure how to email you.. I had emailed Rhonda asking for your contact info, but she gets so many emails that I think she hasn't seen it. In any case, to make things simpler, and because I was really interested in talking further with my first buddy, I have opted to just keep both buddies now. They are both very interesting and nice people so I am fine with that.

    I really hope you feel better soon and thank you again for all your hard work.

  17. MaryHS in CT, USAApril 04, 2012 7:19 am

    If there's another unmatched soul in the US who's interested, can we get together?

    The firewall here is blocking livejournal.... I'm http://galingale.livejournal.com, but this will probably call me anonymous.


  18. Hi Sharon and Rhonda,

    I have been trying to make contact several times with my swap partner Bessy and I have only heard from her once when I emailed her back in March when the list first came out. I am not sure what is happening at her end, but with no communication from her, I have no where to send an apron to, so wish to withdraw from the apron swap. I have sent several follow up emails but had no reply from her, I am hoping everything is alright her end and perhaps she just got busy and decided not to partake anymore? Anyway I will leave this with you, and hope the swap goes well for everyone :)


    Ruth - busymummy@xtra.co.nz, New Zealand



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