1 September 2010

What have you given up for good?

There are changes happening all over the world now that I think will benefit us all in the long term. Many of us are thinking more about how our behaviour impacts our environment, we are checking food labels before we buy our food, we're getting rid of harmful substances and cleaning with simple things like vinegar and baking soda. In general, we're thinking about how we can save money rather than spend it. We know that the decisions we make need to be sensible because when we look around us now we see the results of so many bad decisions. Jobs and homes being lost and people on the brink of losing it all. I believe common sense is making a come back.

I have made many changes in my own life in the past decade. I am not the same person I was back then, my decision to stop spending on "wants" changed me for good. I've been wondering what are the five things I know deep down to my bones, I will not go back to. Five things that used to be common in my life that will never be in my life again. I thought it would be easy to come up with five. It's not, because I want to be sure this is a forever decision, and that's a tough one. For example, I immediately thought of air travel. I've not taken an air trip for the past eight years, even though I've travelled interstate and have been offered a free trip to another country. I'm definitely not going to be a frequent flyer again, and that is for reasons other than the cost of air travel, but never? There may be a time I have to fly, so that's not on my list.

Here are five I've given up for good. Five things I know will never be part of my life again. I want to see yours too and while I expect there to be a common theme, I reckon it will be a diverse list that will make us all think. In no particular order:
  • Acrylic fabric and yarn.
  • Fat-free or low fat food.
  • Fly spray.
  • New cars.
  • Magazines, newspapers, music CDs.
I'm really interested in seeing what you list. Remember, you must be totally convinced that you'll never buy it again.



  1. This is a fun list. 'Never' is a long time.
    1. pantihose (goodbye rat race!)
    2. gift giving/receiving by obligation
    3. commerical cleaners
    4. paper towels
    5. bottled water
    Cheers to simple, thoughtful choices.

  2. 1. Cosmetics that are not 100% natural
    2. Shampoo, conditioner, soap, cleaning products that are not 100% natural
    3. Grocery store meats
    4. Processed meats containing nitrates

  3. Interesting question. Five things that I will never buy again are:

    --Daytimer/planner book
    --Newspaper subscription
    --Shoes that are stylish but uncomfortable
    --A car that gets less than 45 MPG
    --Round-Up herbicide

    Love your blog!
    Zann (Glendale, AZ, USA)

  4. Here are a couple of things that I know for sure that I've given up for good:

    1. Television

    2. Any kind of "fake" food, whether it's margarine or "low-fat cheese" etc.

  5. 1. Flying (that IS a no/no/never again on my list).
    2. Hairdye
    3. Spending my spare time doing anything I don't want to do (housework excepted that is....)
    4. Using any of my spare time for making extra income in any way (overtime/2nd jobs/etc). I want my sparetime for leisure now - if you can call foraging, gardening, food preserving, making own cosmetics, etc leisure....
    5. Bothering myself unduly if someone tells me my opinion about something is wrong and insults me for having it (those times when I know it isn't wrong at all....).

  6. Rhonda, reading your blog is always a pleasure. What a good idea for a post. Here are my 5:
    1) Meat! Other than the requisite holiday dinner where relatives' feelings would be irreparably hurt, I don't eat dead animal. Blech.
    2) High fructose corn syrup
    3) Nail polish and remover - I use the natural stuff, but none of that store bought poisonous chemical mixture.
    4) Hours on the cell phone - my headaches and buzzy fingers make so much sense now that the research on EMFs is coming out.
    5) Multiple cars. I thought having one car would be unpleasant, but I haven't minded it a bit over the last year. It's funny how we limit ourselves...

  7. Ohhh Rhonda---this is a HARD one....now you've put me to thinking.... It's so hard to say NEVER....I'm gonna have to put more thought into this as there are some things that come to mind that I can say "more than likely will never" but....I'll get back to you.

  8. 1. Bought dish clothes (now I only use my enjo one and knitted cloths)
    2. Day-time TV. When my son was born I used to watch it all the time whilst breastfeeding and while he slept. What a waste of time! I read now, or sleep when he does, or knit... or garden.... or many other productive things.
    3. Buying herbs. So expensive for a bunch I never got through. I have grown my own for years now and will never go back to buying them.
    4. Taking life and my family for granted. Since my parents moved to Tanzania (and my brother and sister followed...) I have been learning to greater appreciate what a privilege it is to live in Australia and to appreciate all the wonderful people I have around me. You can see what they're up to at www.moirsinkatoke.blogspot.com
    5. Buying cards. All home made now, saves many many dollars each week!

  9. This is interesting! Can't wait to read the others!
    1. Soap
    2. broths-chicken, beef, etc.
    3. paper goods
    4. suntan lotion
    5. baked dessert items

  10. Hmmm - I don't trust myself to say never to most things, just in case. Also, I grew up in a simple lifestyle so I never even had a new car or anything. But I can comfortably say two thing:
    1. Commercial cleaners - my mom has cleaner induced asthma from using them
    2. Large home

  11. Dear Rhonda,
    I cant say what I will be giving up for good as I have learnt never to say never but I do know thins only what I will be embracing. For example finding your jam recipe for making wild blackberry jam and also blueberry as there were some on offer at the market. It's a hint of summer in suspended in a jar. I have decided to make my own cloth toilet wipes and make more hankies and use up all the scrap wool I have, regrettably most of it is acrylic but I can use the gash for padding inside pot holders. Who cares about the colours no one will see it.
    Today I was also in Tescos and the store had been revamped it was insanity there were automatic tellers that I gave up on and I went to use a “live person” she asked me what I thought of the shop now and said that I didn’t like it and was at the point of putting down my goods and leaving. She said what if you needed something, Replying said, I would go without! bless her she seemed shocked that is what I would do. I resolved there and then never to go in again! Oh look my first never (yea me)!
    Today I found in a thrift store an old treadle sewing machine converted to electric all its different feet were there including the manuals, tomorrow I ditch the disposables and make my own,cant wait!.
    Thank you Rhonda and everyone else who has contributed to my changing heart, I don’t think I am ever going to be the same again!
    Take care all
    Rachel in blighty

  12. I'm not there yet! I wish I could come up with even one thing but I can't. Perhaps it is because I still have little ones in the house that sometimes convenience wins out. I don't know exactly. I will share that I try to find one thing to work on each month and at the end of the month I evaluate its worth and improvements with the hopes of building new habits. Thanks for sharing!

    San Antonio, TX

  13. This was not as tough as I thought it would be.

    I wish I could say paper towels but my honey and I are still working toward this goal. It is a hard habit to break especially with little ones and their really big messes.

    • Cigarettes
    • Spending more than $5.00 (US) on any single article of clothing for the kids or new for me (love, love, love thrift stores!)
    • Strong chemical cleaners (I primarily use Method until I start to make my own)
    • Plastic for eating, drinking or food storage
    • Nylons

  14. oh forgot to say that my sister comented on the cloths I croched fro the kitchen so I went out and bought cotton yarn and made some for her , she was thrilledwas so very proud of my efforts.

  15. I've given up more than my hubby. He still buys bottled water .. I always offer him a nice glass bottle that's been recycled .. we've cut way down on paper towels.

    Given up for good:

    1. cable tv subscription
    2. coloring my hair .. gray is beautiful with a good cut
    3. commercial household cleaners
    4. boxed cake mixes (homemade cakes are superior and take little time to make)
    5. commercially made fermented milk products (yogurt/buttermilk/kefir)

  16. Hi Rhonda,
    That is a very tough question.
    1. fruit fly spray.
    2. chemical air freshners
    3. surface spray or fly spray

    Thats all I can think of at the moment. But I guess it is all a similar theme, most chemicals.

  17. 1. shop bread
    2. processed foods
    3. soap
    4. margarine
    5. cigarettes

  18. It's very hard to limit it to only 5 ( and 3 of yours Rhonda would be on my list, acrylic yarn, low-fat anything, newspapers)

    1. Non-organic/free range meat
    2. Supermarket bread
    3. Pasteurised/homogenised milk
    4. Refined sugar (or any foods containing it)
    5. 'Fancy' cleaning products. eg. room freshner sprays, toilet deodorisers, antibacterial sprays

    And as an extra, I will never use the automatic checkout in a supermarket - like the other lady said - if it's not a real person, I'd rather do without


  19. I use to think all things in moderation. Since I had a cancer that is directly tied into foods you eat and environment, these are things I do without. My list keeps growing.
    Pesticides on my garden
    Consuming meat that I don't know where it came from.
    Most toxic cleaners (this one has been gradual)
    Unnatural beauty and hair products.
    Processed meats like lunch meat, hotdogs,
    Margarine,(I still use butter in moderation)
    Most non organic vegs and fruits.
    I buy the least amount of packaging with plastic I can find.

  20. 1. Commercial cleaners
    2. Commercial food seasonings
    3. TV
    4. Junk food
    5. DVDs and CDS

  21. Whoa. That's a hard one. I haven't given anything up for good yet. How about the things I'm closest to weaning from? They are:

    1) store bought cleaners
    2) acrylic yarn (just have to use up the last bit of what I have)
    3)petroleum based soap (either homemade or castile from here on out)
    4)store bought eggs (chickens just started laying!!)
    5)paraffin candles

    There is so much more I want to get rid of. Baby steps I always say!!

    Stephanie :)

  22. Given up for good.. racing the rat race... who wants to race with rats anyway? The only race you can win is the race with ones self and I realised lately that with me as the only contestant there isn't any hurry.

    TV,given up 4 good, forever, yes....I have given up hurting,crying, at their pain, when my theirs and my tears are not seen nor heard.... I spent hours bawling over the awfulness of the world, wanting to correct it and make it all ok.....watching hours of heart ache until I realised, most other people were over it by the adverts.

    No more TV.......

    I have given up for good Nicotine.
    60 a day and stopped over night......nearly 9 years ago. I hope it never controlls me again.

    Caffine. coffee gave me pullpitations.... tea I lurrved.....I stopped drinking them 4 yrs ago...

    I have given up for good, trying to fit in.

    I have given up for good, and will NEVER BE the person that someone else expects or wants me to be.

    I am who I am...... finally!

  23. This was a fabulous post- love the discussion it has created on here. I am in the beginning stages of living a truly simple lifestyle... I can't list 5 at this moment but here are 2:

    1. Nalgene water containers-- I use my Klean Kanteen instead.

    2. Big brand/manufactured makeup-- I only use all natural makeup.

    Thank you for being such an encouragement in this wonderful lifestyle!

  24. Wow. Good one. Thanks again!

    1. Dish sponge
    2. Deodorant
    3. Window/surface cleaner
    4. Bug killer-for home or garden
    5. Wrapping paper

  25. Never again is a pretty finite thing. So I only have one. -I have a number of hardly never ever's, but only one real never ever so far. But I give my hardly never ever’s much thought than I ever have before.

    1. Manufactured pads and tampons.

    I will only ever use home made cloth pads and my keeper. I'd definately encourage anyone who hasn't given them ago (and has need of such) to give them a go, You'll never go back to the chemical laden wasteful products that are marketed to us en mass. Break the marketing cycle and honor your own.


  26. Oh! and cigarettes! 15 months later free of them and never never never never never again.

  27. The 5 things I will never purchase again are:

    1.)As commenter Ceridwen stated :Bothering myself unduly if someone tells me my opinion about something is wrong and insults me for having it
    IE: being a Home Worker
    2.) Paying retail
    for home decorations or small kitchen gadgets. I purchase these second hand throuth thrift stores
    3.) Commercial Cleaners,homemade air freshner,laundry soap and fabric softners
    4.) Shoes that are stylish yet very uncomfortable...day of wearing heels are sooo gone
    5.)margarine or any product made with soy or canola oil (yuck)

  28. Very inspiring topic definitely got me thinking
    1. credit card debt
    2. bottled water
    3. chemical cleaners
    not quite at 5 yet Rhonda but you inspire me so much so I will keep working on this.


  29. Love this post,

    1. Soap(only homemade will do)
    2. paper napkins (use only cloth)
    3. magarine (use butter only)
    4. Jam make our own much nicer.
    5. Tumble dryer, use line or
    I have a few others but it was a good question sure got me thinking,

  30. Esther couldn't add her comment, so she emailed it to me.

    Well... there are so many things I want to give up...

    1) Walmart, for sure

    2) Acrylic yarn

    3)fake food, I liked that description

    4) mainstream media

    5)being away from home, more than being at home.

    Great topic to think about.

  31. I think my list needs to be a 'going going gone list'!

    Going - these are just 3 examples of what is on the way out

    1. Plastic in the pantry - would be 98 per cent glass storage now.
    2. non-organic bananas - as our own trees are coming into increased production.
    3.Having to purchase most of our fresh produce - its the waiting game, willing all of those fruit trees we planted to come into production!

    1.Chemical herbicides/fertilizers
    2.All pork products, processed meats and shellfish.
    3. margarine and canola oil
    4. sls shampoos and body products
    5. Baby bottles (always breastfed and toddlers now have steel drink bottles for water)

    Never arrived
    1. nail varnish - can't believe mothers paint their baby girl's nails - babies and little girls suck on fingers and toes!

  32. This is a tough one because I've given up lots of things, but I'm very sure I will never use these again:

    1. Paper towels and paper tissues.
    2. Fabric softener and detergent
    3. Margarine
    4. Fast food
    5. Pesticides and herbicides that are not 100% natural.

    I am trying to figure out how I can avoid buying clothes that are made in Asian sweatshops that exploit women and children. It is my mission in the coming years to buy clothes, fabric and yarn that that is made here, which for me, is Canada.

  33. 1. Any food my grandmother would not recognise
    2. Meat and eggs that are not free range
    3. Hair dye
    4. New cars
    5. Shoes with heels

  34. 1. Cigarettes
    2. Alcohol
    3. Paper napkins
    4. Cable TV
    Still thinking on #5....

  35. Never is a tough one, but here is my list of 'I hope I never buy/use again'

    Acrylic fingernails
    Biscuits/cake (commercial)
    Bought dishcloths
    Jam (commercial)
    Soap (commercial)

    That wasn't so hard actually, I am interested in the comments about not eating low fat, have I missed something with this?

  36. It's interesting you posted this Rhonda as I was only thinking about it the other day. The biggest thing I have given up is magazines. After taking my pile from last year to the local op shop and adding up I had spent almost $500 or more than year just on magazines I now don't buy any at all. I will never go back to wasting money. I do still read magazines as my Mum and sister in law pass theirs onto me but I never pay for them.
    Other things I have given up are:
    1. Commercial cleaning products [all I use is vinegar, bi carb and eucalyptus oil].
    2. Bad skin care products
    3. Paper towels
    4. unnecessary items that are not needed at all. All our clothing, footwear etc are things we need for the season and necessities only. Nothing is for the sake of wanting it.
    5. Anything containing palm oil.

  37. Hair Dye
    Dish Cloths
    Clothes Dryer
    Prepared Sauces (pasta etc) and cake and biscuit mixes

  38. 1. Artifical Sugars
    2. Pasteurized Milk
    3. Commercial Soaps and cleaners
    4. Paper Towel
    5. Commercially produced Eggs


  39. cigarettes
    store bought washcloths
    polyester clothing
    acrylic anything
    plastic bins

  40. Very interesting. I am still struggling to let go of many things but slow and steady wins the race.
    Here are my 5 that I will never return to.
    1. Margarine/Low fat foods
    2. Hair Colour
    3. Fake yoghurt
    4. Caged eggs
    5. Secrets/Miracle Cures (in books, DVDs etc)

  41. 1. Store bought jam
    2. commercial cleaners except for dishwasher and laundry detergent and for those, I buy Seventh Generation brand.
    3. dishcloths
    4. paper napkins
    5. pesticides

  42. Here are mine:

    1. Tampons (Diva cup all the way!)
    2. Any meat or eggs that are not organic AND free range (currently not eating any meat)
    3. any produce that is non organic
    4. plastic bags for groceries!
    5. any deodorant/lotion/cosmetics/cleaners that aren't natural
    6. Anything that is genetically modified (non organic soy, canola, sugar beet, and corn)
    7. high fructose corn syrup/glucose-fructose
    8. POP/high sugar drinks
    9. laundry detergent (commercial)
    10. disposable razors

    Ok, thats double the amount, but once I got going I kept thinking of new ones!! Thanks for making me think about this!

  43. My list consists of:
    1) Fast food
    2) Commercial laundry detergent
    3) Pre-processed lunch meat
    4) Non free range/organic eggs
    5) 'Plastic' cheese

    Most of these things I have not purchased for a number of years already. I thought my kids would revolt on the fast food at first, but they actually don't want it.

  44. Good one Rhonda!

    1. our 20 year old TV Broke down 4 years ago & will never be replaced. We enjoy the radio.

    2. sold our second car 3 years ago & will make do with one car from now on - lots of creative transport problem solving.

    3. Dish sponges - hand knitted dish cloths only now.

    4. Having to always buy new - most needed items can be made or found second hand if we are patient.

    5. Wasting money - any spare is saved!

  45. Here's a few of the things we've given up for good:
    1. Paper napkins(Actually an easy one to list because we have been using cloth for about 15 plus years).
    2. Store bought eggs.
    3. Paraffin candles.
    4. Plastic for drinking and eating. My pantry is about 95% plastic free so that is still a work in progress).
    5. Fat free foods completely and most processed foods.

    It was so much fun thinking of this, so I decided to keep a section in my journal for this list since we working on adding many more items. Thanks for a great post!

  46. Here are five I don't buy anymore.

    1. Throw away dish clothes
    2. Liquid Hand soap (make my own)
    3. Going to the hair dresser (unless it was a really special special occasion.
    4. Newspapers
    5. Buying compost (I make my own!!)

  47. Great question!
    5 things I will never use again:

    1. commercial cleaners
    2. store bought eggs
    3. plastic grocery bags
    4. chemical packed fertilizers
    5. boxed processed food

    Thank you Ronda for your wonderful blog ,I enjoy reading it daily.

  48. Rhonda,

    1.Red meat

    2.all forms of sugar

    3.paper towels

    4.water bottles

    5.making my own dish towels


  49. I'm only about a year into my effort to live more simply so I don't know if I have 5 things, but here are a few I know for sure I'll never buy again.

    1. Laundry soap
    2. Dishcloths
    3. Bottled water
    4. Canned soup
    5. More yet to come...

  50. Hi Rhonda here are 5 things that I have given up for good

    1. Cleaning products-I've made my own now for the past 9years
    2.Magazines- a total waste of money!
    3.Presents/cards- People have forgotten how to show their appreciation!
    4.Buying tasteless vegetables from the shop- My family and I only eat home grown organic now
    5.The home telephone-the BEST decision I ever made.
    And so far that's about it, hoping to add more to this list in the very near future. I have to say that I love reading your blog and have been doing so for the past 6 months. Your ideas inspire a lot of people, and all I want to say to you is Thankyou for sharing those ideas with all of us that read your blog :)

  51. 1. Unsustainable Seafood(which mean hardly any).
    2. Hair dye
    3. Baths (only take 3 minute showers)
    4. Rinsing the dishes
    5. Making excuses

  52. Oooh good post and lots of good answers!
    1. Synthetic chemical cleaners (vinegar and bi-carb or bust!)
    2. Cage eggs
    3. Any cat litter which isn't made from recycled newspapers
    4. SLS shampoos and cleansers
    5. Junk mail
    6. Bottled water (haven't bought a plastic bottle of water for about six years)

  53. This is a hard one, because lots of things I have greatly reduced but might still buy or use occasionally. But after jogging my memory of what changes I have made, I came up with some "for sures".

    1) canola oil
    2) pasteurized homogenized milk
    3) store-bought canned vegetables
    4) non-fair trade coffee
    5) petroleum based soap and lotion

  54. Never say never...but here is my list:
    1. alcohol
    2. cigarettes
    3. credit card debt
    4. hair color
    5. paper napkins (though I still use paper towels for some greasy messes)

  55. 1. Beef or any meat product that I cannot see the face of the person who raised it prior to purchase.

    2. Even less trips to town.

    3. Gave up coloring hair and cuts. I earned this hair.

    4. Magazine subscriptions.

    5. I will use up all the fiber in my stash before buying more. I promise!

  56. This is my list and as far as I'm able I plan to stick with it.
    1. Aluminum in baking soda and deodorant.
    2. Cable and network television.
    3. Have not had a newspaper subscription for 12 years or so and don't plan to.
    4. Buying products that feature hydrogenated oils.
    And I can't think of a 5th.

  57. Okay, here are mine:

    1. bleach
    2. ready meals (used to buy them occasionally)
    3. television (haven't had it now for over 10 years)
    4. bottled water
    5. expensive breakfast cereals (I make my own now)

  58. I found this hard as although we have cut down our use of so many commercially produced goods they are still brought into the house occasionally.
    Attitude changes are probably the biggest things.

    1 Minding what people think about our life style.

    2 Worrying what others think of the gifts I give them.

    3 Shop bought dishcloths/facecloths.

    4. 'Fashion' clothes.

    5 Paying other people for things I can do myself.

  59. Cell phone



    margarine (I use butter)

    fast food

  60. I don't think I've fully given up anything yet, but I have gotten used to less of certain things. My family is making a huge move next year, so we are learning to be comfortable with less, and learning how to do things the way we'll do them in Egypt. A few things I know I'll give up when we move (and have already been working on):
    1. Dryers (all clothes hung out to dry)
    2. Having too many clothes
    3. Eating out at fast food restaurants (won't be entirely, but far less frequent)
    4. Credit cards-never again. We've been paying them off as best we can.
    5. plastic food storage. This is one I need to work on. We still use a lot of plastic, but we need to stop. I know it's not good for us, and I want to start using more glass and buying glass.

  61. Hair dye: silver is beautiful.
    Fast food
    Store eggs
    Brand new fashion: second hand suits me fine
    DVDs and CDs
    Desktop computers
    I daresay the list will grown as the years go on.

  62. 1. New cars
    2. Store bought bread
    3. Pre-packaged noodly food with the season packets
    4. Store beef. I am still looking for a chicken farmer that will sell to the public.
    5. New designer...anything (But I do look for the designer name at the thrift stores.)I have learned that designer names do not always mean quality.

  63. That word "never" is a sticky one, but here's a list of things I'm "almost positive I won't ever" buy or do again:

    1. cigarettes
    2. hair coloring
    3. shoes for fashion over comfort
    4. disposable table napkins and feminine hygiene products (still working on minimizing the paper towels)
    5. brand new cars

  64. Wow five things....forever??

    1. Magazines
    2. Paper towels (I still use paper napkins for large gatherings and camping trips)
    3. Liquid fabric softener
    4. Bagged compost (make my own and bug local farmers for manure)
    5. Bagged mulch (I now call tree trimming companies and ask them to drop a load on my drive way)

  65. I just started reading a blog, No Impact Man. He did a project where his family did no impact on the environment for a year. No plastic, no toilet paper, no paper towels, no washing machine, etc. He is writer and has a book called, No Impact Man! He tried to show what one family could do..what an inspiration!

    Has anyone read the book or seen the documentary?

  66. Gave up alcohol (about 18 years ago), cigarettes (almost two years ago), most processed foods, cable TV, newspaper & magazine subscriptions, owning a vehicle... I am gradually simplifying my life as much as possible. Wish I could switch to solar power but cannot afford to do that at this point. Will be experimenting with a solar cooker soon (we have lots of sunny days - might as well take advantage of it).

  67. This is fun. Now NEVER is a strong word, but beeing a part of low income student family but wanting education and good life. Good not meaning rich, but fulfilling productive and prosperous. I don´t buy:
    1. Magasines, cd´s, Dvd´s etc.
    2. No TV subscription, except the compulsory one that is forced upon us...
    3. Fabric softener´s, air fresheners, frosen ready made food.
    4. Nail polish, fake tan lotions, and other unnecessary
    5.Brand-items, such as clothes and bags. What´s the point?
    I´ve never smoked, do not drink alcohol. Try to avoid all things artificial, buy as much as I can straight from the farmer...But in one way I have a weakness. Or a way of life perhaps. I DO NOT BUY CHEAP LOW QUALITY UNCOMFORTABLE SHOES.

  68. This just reminds me how far I have come from my "other" days...
    Most of these have already been out of my life for 15 years+ and will never be back
    -cable television
    -new cars
    -liquid or dryer sheets
    -perfumes of any kind
    -hair coloring
    -magazines subscriptions
    -polyester materials
    -store bought vegetables
    -commercial cleaners
    -anything low fat
    -window cleaners
    -any meats with nitrites

    oh I guess that is well beyond five ...i would not ever go back to any of these

    Simple is better...next on my list is to learn to make my own soaps....

  69. This is great fun!

    Never again:
    - Commercial/chemical deodorant. They don't work. I use a crystal deodorant called PitRok
    - TV. Never got into it, parents stopped watching when I was a kid. Don't own one, never will.
    - Shampoos which contain sulfates.

  70. Things I have given up or am working on giving up (I'm a baby step person, too):

    1. Plastic grocery bags
    2. Gluten
    3. Mascara
    4. Bottled water/tea
    5. Envy

    Great, thought-provoking post!

  71. 1. cable (soap operas)
    2. secular music
    3. thinking things have to be perfect
    4. chocolate (lol jk)
    4. buying full price
    5. pkged foods

  72. 1. paper products: toilet paper, paper towels, napkins, moon pads and tampons
    2. laundry detergent and chemically laden cleaning supplies
    3. feed lot meat and caged eggs
    4. bottled water
    5. soap

  73. 1. paper towels
    2. cable/satellite t.v.
    3. tampons
    4. disposable diapers
    5. commercial glass cleaner

    *there are lots of things like processed food, store-bought bread, bottled water, soft drinks, spending outside of a budget, etc that I have mostly given up, but can't really say "never" about. It feels good to be free of things and live a healthier life! Thanks for this post.

  74. I love this:

    1. Beauty Salons (I have hair down to my butt...gave up hair cuts and hair dye 3 years ago when I was charged $275 for a trim and getting my roots done.) No pedies/manies for me!

    2. Shoes that hurt my feet when I put them on for the first time: I won't ever purchase anything I hope will stretch.

    3. Eggs...I'll forever raise my own or make sure one of my kids raises them.

    4. Yogurt...I will forever make my own or go without.

    5. Non-Open Pollinated Seeds...NEVER-EVER!

    I'm 56...my list could go on forever!

  75. I haven't gotten far enough on my journey yes to list many things. But these are two I can swear to never buying again:
    1) Cigarettes
    2) Frozen dinners

    Will I ever buy chicken broth because I'm out and have a recipe to make? Yes, probably. Will I ever buy a prepackaged meal of terrible food for 10 times what it would cost me to cook something? Absolutely not.

  76. 1. Bottled Water
    2. Conventional cosmetics (ie not natural & organic)
    3. Cling Wrap (about 10 years now)
    4. Fast Food & Soft drink of any kind
    5. Instant Coffee

  77. What a super interesting question. I’ll try and add some things that others haven’t written. I'll never buy again:

    Cinema tickets
    A/C at home
    Non edible garden plants
    Cook books (love the library and internet!)
    At work secret santas

  78. I'm not very far along in life, so some of these are more things I never expect to own than things I've given up.

    1. A new car
    2. A house that is large relative to the number of people who live in it
    3. Credit card debt - hopefully any debt besides the student loans I already have and someday a mortgage.
    4. Caged eggs, unless it were actually a question of starvation. There would be a similar restriction on meat, but I can't eat meat, so that's rather a moot point.
    5. Clothing that I will not get a good amount of wear out of - with the exception of a wedding where I am actually in the wedding party. Being part of a very close friend's celebration is more important to me.

  79. 1. commercial laundry detergent
    2. Liquid shampoo and soap
    3. cable TV subscription (I hope)
    4. commercial soaps

    There are other things that I have given up on but I know if caught in a bind, I will buy it. For example, bottled water. I forgot my water bottle July 09 and bought one because I was getting dehydrated. I haven't bought another one in over a year but I may buy one again.

  80. I've thought of more!

    - Face wash (plain water works just fine)
    - Instant coffee
    - Bookmarks

  81. 1. any shoes/clothing that doesn't serve me for health/comfort
    2. household cleaning products - I use Murphys Oil Soup, vinegar, soda.
    3. hair dye
    4. lunches out - packing mine, and using reusable supplies and fabric napkins
    5. most of the meat in my diet.

    I'm working on cable tv, magazine subscriptions

  82. Zedi said

    1 not speaking up when I encounter racism
    2 plastic bags from stores
    3 buying new clothes-all now are second hand from Op Shops
    4 giving formal dinner parties
    5 clothes dryer
    6 ironing

  83. I have just started down this road of simple living. The five things I have given up so far are:
    1. Paper plates
    2. Paper napkins
    3. Buying just any type of egg - only cage free. Working on our own eggs, chickens still young.
    4. Cable TV
    5. Giving expensive gifts for birthdays, Christmas, etc.

    I still have a long way to go.

  84. 1. Margarine
    2. Artificial sweeteners (for my consumption...dh still isn't convinced)
    3. New vehicles
    4. Uncomfortable shoes
    5. Storebought eggs

  85. 1. Synthetic clothes
    2. Fly spray, surface sprays
    3. toilet blues
    4. low fat or fat free or fake sugar foods - no GMO or TRANS Fats etc etc etc
    5a. pre-made food i.e pasta sauce, cakes etc
    5b.syndicated kids products
    5c. . . . . . okay the list could go on :)
    Thanks to everyones comments - thre really are a lot of people with the wish for change already living a slower life

  86. This is what I have given up:

    1. Chocolate
    2. Commercial shampoo - I now use my own baking soda based recipe
    3. Fabric softener
    4. My thick expensive mattress - we sleep on a recycled foam pad now, it's so much better!
    5. Television
    6. Hair dye
    7. Toxic sprays and cleaners
    8. Commercial deodorant - I now use baking soda with essential oils; better all round
    9. High heels
    10. Shop bought dish cloths
    11. Margarine
    12. Store bought cards

    And what I want to give up, but am still working on:

    1. Foods that are too sweet
    2. Staying up too late
    3. Comparing myself to others
    4. CLUTTER!

    One step at a time. Thanks for your encouragement everyone.

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    I hope you find it useful. Enjoy!


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