1 September 2010

What have you given up for good?

There are changes happening all over the world now that I think will benefit us all in the long term. Many of us are thinking more about how our behaviour impacts our environment, we are checking food labels before we buy our food, we're getting rid of harmful substances and cleaning with simple things like vinegar and baking soda. In general, we're thinking about how we can save money rather than spend it. We know that the decisions we make need to be sensible because when we look around us now we see the results of so many bad decisions. Jobs and homes being lost and people on the brink of losing it all. I believe common sense is making a come back.

I have made many changes in my own life in the past decade. I am not the same person I was back then, my decision to stop spending on "wants" changed me for good. I've been wondering what are the five things I know deep down to my bones, I will not go back to. Five things that used to be common in my life that will never be in my life again. I thought it would be easy to come up with five. It's not, because I want to be sure this is a forever decision, and that's a tough one. For example, I immediately thought of air travel. I've not taken an air trip for the past eight years, even though I've travelled interstate and have been offered a free trip to another country. I'm definitely not going to be a frequent flyer again, and that is for reasons other than the cost of air travel, but never? There may be a time I have to fly, so that's not on my list.

Here are five I've given up for good. Five things I know will never be part of my life again. I want to see yours too and while I expect there to be a common theme, I reckon it will be a diverse list that will make us all think. In no particular order:
  • Acrylic fabric and yarn.
  • Fat-free or low fat food.
  • Fly spray.
  • New cars.
  • Magazines, newspapers, music CDs.
I'm really interested in seeing what you list. Remember, you must be totally convinced that you'll never buy it again.

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