4 September 2010

Some weekend listening

My friends at Radio National's Future Tense sent this link to their program on The Slow Movement. It's an interesting broadcast about slow living, including slow food. Listen right to the end for the discussion about the commercialisation of slow and simple. Very interesting, and reflective of the posts I've made recently on "the change".

I hope you have a beautiful weekend.


  1. Hi Rhonda...I'll make sure and listen to that this weekend. I'll have more time then :) :) It's been busy this past week...I just started back to work about three weeks ago. Prior to that I'd been layed-off from my job since February!!! How are preparations for the new grandbaby coming along? Oh, did I mention I finally started using that soap I helped a friend make..using your recipe? it's so dreamy and creamy...goodness, I can't go back to store bought again...and I won't need to for awhile yet!!! I have about 8 bars left!!!! Have a lovely weekend. Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :) :) :)

    p.s. A former classmate of mine lives in Sydney...:) :)

  2. What an interesting talk... I hadn't heard about this but I have been living it without noticing... their are more and more things that I have started, for example... my daughter has been dropped (along with 3 other girls) off the school bus as there is no room for children that pay for their seats...(its a catchement area thing, I choose a school that was good rather than a school that was close!) so for hte last two days I have had to drive her 11 miles to school and then drive back (22 miles) and then obviously do the trip again to pick her up... I was stuck behind an old tractor and trailer for about 4 miles and I could see the 2 vehicles behind me getting het up as we were only going 20mph... my thinking was that there were no safe straight setions to pass the trator and eventually he would go a different way to me and if I were late to school to pick up Jamie (my daughter) it was a nice day and she would wait somewhere safely... needless to say the car and van behind me overtook at silly times and almost hit on coming traffic... the tractor eventually pulled off and I arrived at school before the bell... there is no problem with taking your time and doing things when you can... Yes my days are generally full and I don't seem to stop but I am not rushing or stressing about what else I have to do... facinating topic.. as always!

    hugs Alex

  3. There is so much pressure to be & look busy & fast. I noticed no one on the program was advocating for 'slow work'. In fact the workplace did not even rate a mention. Can you imagine a 'slow work' movement? I wonder what would be the reaction of employers who are continuously demanding 'faster & faster' & 'doing more with less'...


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