7 September 2010

It's Landcare Week

I am a firm supporter of my local Landcare group - Barung Landcare. This week in Australia is Landcare week and they've asked me to highlight this backyard monitoring program. I am happy to recommend this program to all my fellow Australians. Please get involved if you can.

Landcare Australia is giving every Australian the opportunity to help scientists across the globe study the impact of
climate change on our ecosystems by monitoring, collecting and recording data from their own backyards.

Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard was the first person in Australia to register with the ClimateWatch.
People can register to become citizen scientists as part of this free activity which takes place during Landcare Week,which runs from 6th to 13th September. Participants will observe and record what is happening in their own environment such as when frogs are calling, what birds are migrating and what plants are flowering. The data gathered will then help scientists understand what seasonal variations are occurring around Australia with our animals and plants.

“All around Australia, Landcare groups and their volunteers are already making observations about species and animals habitats and the impact of climate change in their local communities. This September we are appealing to all Australians to get their hands dirty and volunteer to become citizen scientists. Help Landcare groups celebrate Landcare Week,” said Landcare Australia CEO, Heather Campbell.

Earthwatch Australia Executive Director, Richard Gilmore said: “Climate change is affecting rainfall and temperature across Australia and as a consequence flowering times, breeding cycles and migration movements are changing. Scientists have identified an urgent need for large‐scale data gathering to assess how biological systems are responding to climate change. By partnering with Landcare Australia, we hope to significantly increase the amount of data available for scientists to apply to their research."

As Landcare ClimateWatchers people will have the opportunity to become part of a community of citizen scientists who are making a positive contribution to their local environment from work, school and home.

To register to be a Landcare ClimateWatcher or for more information about Landcare Week events in your local community, visit www.landcareonline.com.au

I'll see you all again tomorrow when I get back to my simple living topics.



  1. That is such a good idea. What a great way to get accurate data from such a wide variety of people. I'm not sure if they do something similar in the UK but I do know the RSPB (Royal Society for the Protection of Birds) does ask people to record the birds that come in their gardens from time to time so they can monitor changes in bird population, changes in bird migration and monitor species numbers etc which is also very important.

  2. That sounds like a really neat program. I wonder if we have something like that here in the US?


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