Fiskars Pruners Winner

29 September 2010
I used a random number generator to select the winner. Congratulations to Tina #13

♥ Tina said...

My hubby would be thrilled to win these pruners! (he does most of the outside work and I cook the harvest!)

Great giveaway Rhonda, and thank you for including everyone! :)

September 23, 2010 5:54 PM

Tina would you kindly send me your postal address and I'll get the prize in the mail for you. Thanks.

I'll be back later with a post.


  1. Congratulations Tina!! Thanks Rhonda for this lovely give-away. It was fun.


  2. Thanks Rhonda for giving us all a chance to go in the draw.
    Congratulations Tina, I'm sure your good man will really enjoy his new pruners.
    Gee I miss you when your away from your blog Rhonda, my day is not the same when I can't get your gems of wisdom. Having said that I hope you have had a fruitful break and I'm wondering if you have some kind of time frame for a possible launch of your book?
    Blessings Gail.

  3. Congrats Tina, Lucky you! Hope your husband enjoys them.


  4. Congrats Tina - lucky number 13!

  5. Congratulations Tina!!! Such wonderful news. They will be a great tool for your gardens. Thank you Rhonda for thinking of us all and doing a give away. It is very fun!

  6. congratulations Tina,
    Happy pruning, looking forward to hearing your news Rhonda. I hope you have had an enjoyable break.

  7. Congratulations, Tina!
    And thank you again, Rhonda, for giving us all the opportunity to enter this give away!

  8. Gail, I haven't signed the contract yet, but I hope for publication some time next year.

  9. Thank you so much Rhonda! I am delighted, and hubby will be so pleased! I'll go and email you now with my details.

    Many thanks again!
    Love, Tina xxx


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