20 September 2010

Birthday photos

Just a short note to update you on the past couple of days of birthday celebrations. Tricia arrived on Thursday and while Hanno and I were out on Friday morning buying the meat for lunch, Tricia stayed at home to tidy up. When we came back she'd removed all the rags from my rag bag and told me that quilters in Sydney would give their eye teeth for the soft cotton squares in there. She took them all out and, true to form, started sewing. She made me an absolutely beautiful table cloth using the rags and fabric scraps. The rest of the squares are in my sewing room and I now have an empty rag bag.

On Saturday we had family and friends over for a barbeque lunch. We started off with homemade guacamole and corn chips, followed by fillet steak cooked on the BBQ by Shane, accompanied by salads and bread. Dessert was a hazelnut torte and a chocolate torte - both bought from the German bakery. For drinks we had beer, juice, champagne, Irish pear cider and an apple cider Scrumpy called Old Rosie.

Hanno, me, Tricia and our friend Diane.

DIL Cathy, step son Jens, DIL Sarndra and son Shane.

Hanno and I.

A simple table with the table cloth Tricia made in the foreground.

Hanno and his son, Jens.
Our son Kerry.

God daughter Casey.

It was lovely seeing Hanno surrounded by his family, enjoying the talking and laughter. Tricia and Hanno helped me with the setting up and decorating and although we dined in very humble surroundings, on the back verandah surrounded by an old washing machine and fridge, it was beautiful and memorable and made all the better because we spent so little on the party. Family age milestones such as decade birthdays are always great celebrations and I'll remember this one because of the warmth and love, kisses and hugs that were so abundant.

Our nephew Daniel.

The photo above is my nephew Daniel, one of Tricia's sons. He owns the Springwood Florist in NSW and gave Tricia this beautiful pink waratah to bring up for me. Isn't it stunning. Thanks Danny!

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