7 September 2010

This is where I work

Today I am featuring the last of the 'this is where I work" photos and travel to Laura Jeanne's home in Canada to see just what it is she is getting up to there. I'm pleased we are finishing on the work spaces of a woman who seems to be a true worker, making do with what she has right now and working for the good of the family unit.

Laura Jeanne writes:
My name is Laura Jeanne and I live with my husband and three children in Southern Ontario, Canada. We are trying to move towards the simple life, and dream of living in the country--but right now we are living in a townhouse in the city. I wanted to share pictures of my workspace because this is the first time in my life I've had a place just for work, and I'm enjoying it.

My work space is the other half of our laundry room/storage room. We used to use this area as a room for movies and video games--but as our values have changed, this room has gradually morphed into something quite different. In the first picture, you can see the area where I wrap up packages for our business--natural wooden toys that my husband makes in our garage. The toys and boxes are stored above on shelves my husband made, my "table" is a chest freezer which we bought used a while ago in an effort to live more frugally by stocking up on sale items. To the left you can see the solid wood storage shelves my husband built, which now hold my new growing collection of canned goods. Come to think of it, he also built the bookshelf in the centre of the picture that's holding all the packing supplies, and the little shelf next to that which is holding my canning supplies. Above the cans of jam is a little hand-cranked radio which I use to listen to classical music while I work.

The other picture shows my new sewing area. I've been wanting to start sewing for so long now, but I am intimidated by the machine, which always seems to tangle the thread no matter what I do. I am determined now though to just do it. Scattered around the machine (which is sitting on a desk which is also homemade) are various projects I'm going to finish over the next little while--altering a slip, making some new hankies, and adding a panel to cover the slit in a jean skirt. That lovely blue and red fabric on the side table came from my grandmother's stash, and I'm going to use it to sew a cape for my youngest's second birthday. At least, I hope to sew a cape--I've never constructed an actual garment before so I'm a bit nervous about it.

This room looks out over the small backyard, which houses my favourite work space--my tiny garden. This year is the first that we are trying to grow some of our own food. You can read about our efforts to live more simply and self-sufficiently at http://gettingthere.typepad.com


I'd like to thank everyone who has sent work space and kitchen sink photos. I really enjoyed seeing where a lot of you spend your time. We'll do something similar in the future, but for now, we'll give it a rest.

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