8 January 2009
Hello ladies. I have decided to continue helping with the swaps. There have been many offers of help and I will be taking those up on their offers. I am hoping to have at least 2 (myself and one other and more if possible) to take care of the regular swaps and then at least 2 to help with the seed swaps (Bad Human for one)-that is so we can swap seeds continually as we live in different hemispheres. For the seed swaps I would love to have at least one from the US, and one from AU. For instance, you cannot ship seeds from country to country, and sometimes even from within a part of the country (such as Tasmania) to other parts of the same country-so having several people to manage the seed swaps would be heaven. Those who have offered to help please e-mail me: Sharon : cdetroyes at yahoo dot com and do put what country you are from and which swap you would like to help with. I am amazed at the generosity of our little community! Hugs and Happy New Year, Sharon

The above is from Sharon, this is me, Rhonda.
I appreciate the offers of help very much. Sharon has carried the swaps for a long time now and I really happy she's decided to continue. Now that she has some helpers, it will make it easier and there may be more swaps as a result. I don't have enough time to give to it now, and to be honest, it's grown like Topsy and it does take some organising. If it weren't for Sharon, and now her helpers, the swaps would have stopped.

Would all those who offered to help, please email Sharon at the address she gave and she will form her teams. And thank you, helpers. It does my heart good to see generosity in action and our little community working so well together.

Belinda, I've forwarded your email on to Sharon.


  1. I would have liked to be a swap coordinator here in Oz, and thought about it all day yesterday, but I realised I have to be realistic....I have health issues which mean some days I'm of no use to man or beast:)

    ......but, I'd like to put my hand up to be a 'swap angel',to make something if someone misses out, we've had these on other swaps I've been involved in and it works well, and takes a lot of pressure off the organiser/s.


  2. I may be out of line here, I am pretty new to your blog (LOVE it BTW) so the idea of helping is a bit overwhelming. Would it be a bit mercenary to ask how to just be involved in the SWAPs? I am extremely interested in swapping seeds.


  3. I am happy to offer some seeds to swap onwards in the UK, if that is any help! I will email Sharon with the offer!

  4. Belle I have you down as an angel, I am putting compost woman down for seed swap in GB and Maureen e-mail me (Sharon) and I will explain it to you. Hugs to all. Sharon

  5. I am happy to help out. I have emailed Sharon. I am also looking forward to participating in the swaps. I haven't been a part of your swaps before but I have done other internet swaps - they are so much fun.

    I think the idea of being the only one organising a swap is a bit daunting. I am glad you are still helping Sharon.


  6. Hi is there anyway you could forward my email to sharon I can't figure out how to email her. I would love to help with any of it..
    my email is jesuschickfl@hotmail.com

  7. Thanks to all of you. Francine, Sharon will see your comment when she logs in again.

  8. Hi Francine-I have your e-mail and will contact you tomorrow> Thanks for your offer. Hugs Sharon

  9. Hello everybody,
    although I'm a Newbee and my English is quite poor
    I could offer help for the swap in Germany (if there exists one). Otherwise I'd like to participate elsewhere in a swap.
    Kind regards

  10. Hi, I am based in Ireland, while I have been reading about the swaps on this blog and others have never been part of one and would love to do it.Being a co ordinator maybe at a later stage when I know how it all works. I don't have seeds to swap so it would have to be something handmade.

  11. I love your idea of making covers for your jars. I made a couple for my glass containers, although not nearly as nice as yours.


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