Thanks for pulling up a chair at the table

12 January 2009
Well, the first BIGGEST kitchen table worked well and is now finished. Thanks to everyone who took part on the first kitchen table talk on chickens. I've visited everyone who left a link and written down a couple of the recipes. It was a wonderful way to share what we know about chooks, looking at the photos showed me how different we all are.

The kitchen table was a lot of work and it will be something I will do each month, not each week ,as some of you indicated on your blogs. But it is definitely something worth repeating as it allows us to share and build a community of friends. When you travel around the other blogs, and I encourage you to do so, please leave a comment, even if it's just to say hello. Posting takes time and it's very disheartening to write and add photos and then have no one acknowledge you.

I am going back to work today. It will be a busy day because there are a lot of things to be put away after the Christmas breakfast, as well as a new tenant moving in, and all the normal visits and phone calls we have. I'm looking forward to going back, I've missed it.

I hope you all have a wonderful week as we all look towards this new year.


  1. Thank you Rhonda for hosting our kitchen table chat! I really enjoyed visiting other blogs and learning more about chooks. And I'm glad it's once a month - I don't know where I got once a week from, better go correct that!

  2. Good morning Rhonda,

    Thankyou for the Big Table. I have not had the time this weekend to visit everyone but will do so during the week. I'm so glad it was successful and look forward to next months topic. Have a great week.

    Blessings Gail

  3. Rhonda, thanks so much for organizing this! I've "pulled my chair up" and have posted on keeping chickens in the winter months and some chicken confessions. Hope you had a nice break from the work week but I know the Kitchen Table took a lot of your time.

  4. Hi Rhonda Jean,
    Love this idea.
    Trying to catch up again,been dealing with some health problems!
    I look forward to another yr. of your great post!

  5. Good morning Rhonda and thank you, the Kitchen Table was great fun and a mine of information. Hope it's a good day for you today, we return to work tomorrow.

    BTW, did you really mean "photo calls"? I'm assuming you meant phone calls -- but then I wouldn't be surprised. :-)

    Warm chuckles, Rose

  6. Unfortunately I couldn't be there on the day as I was hosting lunch with offline friends. Which was very nice but I did wonder occasionally what was going on at the 'other' kitchen table!
    I have skimmed over the discussions and will come back and refer to it all when we get our chooks, some time later this year.

  7. Hi everyone!

    Take care of yourself, Lib. Hugs.

    Rose, HA! thanks for telling me about the photo call. After three weeks walking around with no shoes on, I need to lift my game.

  8. Rhonda my name is
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  9. Ditto, Rhonda! Thanks for the effort behind the 1st kitchen table discussions. It was interesting to read the different takes on chicken keeping. I look forward to getting more of the young 'uns this spring!

  10. I know nothing about chickens. We just moved tot he country (sort of). I enjoyed sitting at the foot of the table and listening!

  11. Hi Rhonda
    I didn't join with your first 'kitchen table' but I have been reading and digesting the information. It must have been lots of work for you but really worthwhile. Thank you so much for all the effort you put in on our behalf.
    I am still in Australia with my daughters and enjoying your beauiful country and the warm weather, glad I'm missing the big freeze in the UK.

    Pippa xx

  12. Hi Rhonda
    I echo the sentiments of everyone here, thanks for your hard work! I wasn't able to join in at the table (don't have chickens, don't have a blog) but I have tucked the information away for next year when we move to our semi rural acre and start keeping our chickens! Looking forward to that so much
    Take care and don't work too hard! although I'm sure you will LOL
    Judy in Adelaide

  13. Thank you Rhonda, it will take me a month to get round all the links so I'm glad you're not doing it more often :)

    Its a brilliant idea and what a great response!

    RosieB (google wont let me log in!)

  14. Sorry I did not join in on the kitchen table chat this time. I am unable to have chickens where I live, although right across the street is a chicken farm...I live in the country, but my developement has a home owners assocation and we wouldn't have the room for them anyway.
    I enjoyed reading what everyone else wrote though.

  15. I had fun reading even if I don't keep chickens.

    I grew up much farther out in the country than where I live now. The house didn't even have an indoor bathroom (although someone had put in indoor plumbing, the original well pump outside still worked).

    We had lots of chickens and one rooster. I still shudder when I think of getting off the school bus and meeting that rooster. :)

    We moved into the nearby small town when I was about seven but seeing chickens still make me feel warm and cozy. Now as for roosters...

  16. Thanks Rhonda. I thought the kitchen table chat was a huge sucess! Such a great idea. I'll enjoy visiting everyones chooks via the links over the next few days. Cheers, Tricia

  17. I poked my head in through the window - don't have chooks and have nothing to add, but love to read about how I would love to do things...

    One day.

  18. Hey Rhonda, this has absolutely nuttin' to do with this message, I just nominated you to receive the Lemonade Stand Award, you can check it out here...

    I have found your blog to be very informative, glad you are here!


  19. Hi Rhonda, thanks again for your blog. very inspirational and I find I have become more aware of things that did not used to seem so big a deal. I forwarded your site and some of your words to co-workers and encourage them to check it out and hopefully slowly, bit by bit we all become more thoughtful of our lives and be more conservative and live a simpler better life. Thanks again. Bee

  20. Thanks for the whole kitchen table, Rhonda! We just collected our first chickens this evening, so the topic this month was very timely! I've printed out the excellent information from here and from several of the blogs you linked to.

    Thanks to everyone! I'm fairly confident now that any mistakes we make will be of the small and fixable type, rather than the fatal type (we hope!).

  21. On the subject of might want to look at a photo I have copied from the newspaper today onto my blog!!!!

  22. Thank's for taking the time to organise the kitchen table. It was very interesting even though I don't have the space for chooks here in the UK. The weather is a bit warmer today, but I don't mind the cold.If we didn't have it we wouldn't appreciate the warmer weather to come so much!

  23. Hi. You mentioned you would like it if readers would leave comments. I have never left one before but I must say that this is an incredible, inspirational, and informative blog. I love to come back and see what is next. I love all the photos and instructions and recipes.... and you name it, really. I have just found you so I have some catching up to do but I am sure it will be fun! Please keep up the awesome work.

  24. Thank you Rhonda, I enjoyed the chat around the kitchen table. Although I did not participate I found it very informative and interesting.I am a good listener. I do not have chooks and am not likely to get any but if I could, I would want some like your Margaret Olley. I think she is beautiful as are Margaret Olley's paintings which I love.
    Regards Patricia

  25. Rhonda Jean, I wanted to tell you that I had gread success with vinagar and water this weekend. I was able to remove caulk stain that nothing commercial has touched. Amazing. I really enjoyed the big table. Thank you for everything and have a good first day back at work.

  26. I too had nothing to contribute, having no chickens and not using lots of eggs (therefore recipes). Reading about everyone's experiences, though, was fun. Just goes to show how different we all are and that there's no one right way to do anything.

    Looking forward to next month's table!

    Carolyn from Pennsylvania

  27. Hi Rhonda
    I just wanted you to know that I directed a friend here and to one of the participants blogs because she is thinking about getting chickens. She emailed me thanking me profusely for the information. I don't know if she posted or not, so I am thanking you all (yes, including the participants) on her behalf. Have a great day.

  28. Hi I just wanted to add that this was a perfectly timed discussion as I have just started to look into what would be involved in keeping some chickens. I have just started reading your blog in the last few monyths but it has inspired me, we are monitoring our electricity usage at home now and I have just started knitting some dishcloths from stashed wool. Also just to let you know, I am in Ireland which maybe something you want to know, in relation to the geographies your blog has reached for your book


  29. your blog is in my favorites and I check on it every day or so. the chicken info is great! we don't have ours yet, but hope to soon.

  30. The Big Table was such a clever name for the fantastic blog about raising chickens. We've always played with the idea of raising chickens, thinking it would be a good thing to do for so many reasons but at the same time it's intimidating because you want to do right by the chickens and your step-by-step, How-to guide is fantastic. It gives me hope that someday in the future we can turn that "dream" into a reality.

    Thank you for reaching across the world to help others really think about the lives they are living and how much better they could be.


  31. Thank you Rhonda! I so enjoyed the kitchen table talk! It makes me feel like all of us trying to do more for ourselves are one big extended family! Have a good week.


  32. May I suggest that you doing a canning round table both at southern hemisphere harvest time and the northern hemisphere harvest time. I love to can and it is something even a townie like me can do! If you buy smartly you can get large batches of produce at a farmers' market for a cheap price.

  33. Beautifully said! I know I would be lost without the support of my Yeti :)

    Thanks for the Kitchen Table idea too - I'm looking forward to next month - maybe you could give us a hint about the topic in advance so we can plan our contribution at leisure?


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