Can you help with the swaps?

7 January 2009
Coleen asked a question about future swaps in the comments today. I would like to keep the swaps going because they're a way we can connect with each other while practising our simple living skills. My good friend Sharon has helped with the swaps in the past but she's working on a big project in her own life, as well as helping me on the Co-op blog, so I need to ask for your help.

To keep the swaps going, I need two co-ordinators to come up with ideas for swaps, work out who will swap with who, and check that all the promised swaps happened. It's a big job, there is no pay, except my gratitude, and you will pull out your hair when people who promise to send something, don't. Sharon, and other ladies here, used to often make up extras to fill in for those people who signed up for the swap, received their swap gift, but didn't send anything back. It's a daunting task, time consuming, and not for the meek and mild, believe me.

So, now I've laid my cards on the table, do I have any takers? I would like one person from the USA (where most of my readers are located) who will look after the US and Canada, and one person from another country who will look after Australia, NZ, UK, Europe and the rest of the world.

I would also like to set up an ongoing seed exchange so if there is another person out there who could co-ordinate that, I'd love to hear from you.

I know it's a lot to ask but there are a lot of generous people out there who are hoping to build community and work towards sustainability, so I have no doubt you will step forward.


  1. I can help with a me with details..K

  2. I'd love to help but I am afraid you just scared me off. I may be able to cope with some computer work but not with all the sewing. Thanks for being so honest. Cherrie

  3. Hi I have been reading your blog for forever and have always wanted to be a part of the swaps hopefully I can catch them this year. I wouldnt mind helping out with any of it feel free to email me the information
    look forward to hearing from you.

  4. I'll help with a seed exchange, I've seen a couple on other sites and was interested in participating in one so I might as well help organize one. Let me know what you need me to do.

    Although I'm blaming all of you for my growing seed addiction :)

  5. I would be willing to help K, maybe two people in each area would eliminate some of the stress of one person doing it all.

  6. As a participant, but the hands are full right now with the service work at the elementary school.
    I do hope a soul shows up for you.

  7. Hi Rhonda- I will just keep doing them and if K wants to help I would love it. Hugs Sharon

  8. Just slightly off topic. This is about swapping.

    Are we allowed to send seeds from the states to Australia or vice-versa? Or for that matter to any other country?

  9. I am only a lurker, but would enjoy contributing to your swaps as a participant or organizer. I have long been involved in swaps, have the time and interest.

  10. Well don't all rush in at once!!

    I, for one, loved doing the swap last year (although I still haven't taken the picture of the lovely water bottle holder Wendy in Scotland sent me, I did at least make her one and send it in return!).

    For my part, I'm rubbish at organising anything, but I would like to offer my services as a crafter if there is a shortfall, so whoever ends up co-ordinating in the UK/rest of world, if you need something making to swap, give me a shout.

    Hope this helps.

  11. just thought I'd let you know - in case it could save duplication or work. There are some existing seed networks and a bloggers seed swap already set up -
    For seeds offered by other garden bloggers, check out the Blogger Seed Network started by Patrick at Bifurcated Carrots,

  12. Hey sweet Rhonda! I live in the US and wouldn't mind helping either! I need to up my skills AND I'm at a great time in my life!!!Stay at home mom with grown kids moved out!! LOL!! Your blog is my FAVORITE!!!! I'd be honored to help out such a beautiful human being!!!

  13. Hi Rhonda,

    Great ideas. The seed swap I am very interested in. My days are full an the moment but I would love to participate when it gets started.

    Have a great day

  14. I can't help at this time in my life, but do have an idea for a swap: clothespin bags. There are lots of styles and I have a tutorial on my blog.


  15. I wouldn't ave the intense bursts of time available to be effective with swaps but could probably help out with seed swapping.

  16. Hi Rhonda, just catching up with your posts, I love the garden pics, thanks for sharing.

    Sadly I have health problems and feel I couldn't be reliable for organising anything at the moment but I see you have several volunteers, hope you can work things out.

    I'm very interested in the seed swap. I believe there are regs about importing seeds into Australia? not sure about into the uk? I'll look for some information online. :)

  17. Hi Rhonda, I would be able to assist with organising swaps. Several years ago I ran a website for tatting exchanges, one a month, that ran for about two years, and I've also organised and run several other exchanges on other forums since then. I can be contacted on mel at wahmbb dot com

  18. Hi Rhonda, I'd be more than happy to help with the seed swap thang - what are the regulations for sending seed interstate/overseas though? Mmm, I love seeds!
    Tala xx


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