18 December 2008

Best, fast, from-scratch meals

My kitchen in the late afternoon.

Hanno and I were out free ranging yesterday. I wanted to have a day off. It was the first day of my 3½ weeks holiday. The Centre will close on Friday for three weeks and apart from Hanno, Kerry and I helping out at the Christmas breakfast, I have no away from home work to do until mid-January. My plan was to have the morning out, then return home to knit and watch the cricket. I should know by now not to make such plans. ; - )

Early in the day, before what I expected to be big crowds of Christmas shoppers, we travelled over to a nearby town to do the shopping. I wanted to buy a cookbook for my son, meat for Christmas lunch and sewing supplies for me. I bought Crust: Bread to Get your Teeth Into which is a very good all-round book on how to make all manner of interesting yeasted breads and sourdoughs. I'm going to try some of his recipes and I'll pass on those that work well. We had to go to the mall for the book and I was surprised to see less people there than I expected. Anyhow, I got my fabric and some buttons and we called in at the butcher shop on the way home.

Great, that done, now for the cricket! Driving down our street, Hanno stopped to speak with our electrician who was working two doors up. He asked if he could come and finish off the work he started at our place last week. Pffffffft there goes the cricket. I ended up doing a little bit of work on the book.

It's strange how the mind works sometimes. By the end of the day, when the workmen left, I didn't feel like making dinner for us so after looking in the fridge we ended up having leftover potato salad, from the night before, with a toasted cheese, tomato and onion sandwich each and a cold drink. Often, my standby can't be bothered meal is pasta from the pantry with a quick sauce, but I didn't want to boil water for some reason, so sandwiches it was.

While I assembled that meagre meal I wondered what my friends out in blogland would make for a quick and easy meal at the end of a busy day. I think it would be a good idea for us to share our best, quick, cooked from scratch meal. Gone are the days when we run out to buy takeaway or convenience food. Remember, in keeping with our cook from scratch focus, all these recipes should be made using fresh food or pantry staples with no cans of soup or anything with preservatives in it. It can be healthy AND fast. I'll devote tomorrow's post to compiling what you give me so all of us will have an easy to print out collection of fast recipes. I'll add a couple of my favourites and we'll see what you come up with. So thinking caps on ladies and gentlemen, it's over to you.

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