12 December 2008

In the sewing room, writing

It's been a busy week. After two days at work, I've been confined to my sewing room writing, thinking and making notes. Oh, I did have one outing. I drove my friend, Bernadette, to the airport in her car - a very red, very low on the ground sports car. It was a big change from my little station wagon. Driving back past the shops, it was all Christmas decorations and people with packages, it doesn't look like a world economic crisis out there. On that same day, Hanno drove down to the Gold Coast to help our son, Kerry, move house.

I was back in the sewing room yesterday. It's quite pleasant in there, shut away from what is happening in the house. The phone rings frequently, yesterday there were calls from my sisters and a few from my Centre, but through it all I kept tapping away at the keys, looking out the window and wondering when I should pick the pumpkins.

The book proposal is coming together. I finished one section of it yesterday, then decided to add another section to the book (not the proposal), which means I'll have to rewrite quite a bit of the first chapter, which is part of the proposal. I'll make a start on that today. Did I tell you I'm with the same agency that represented Janet Luhrs and her Simple Living Guide? I am very thankful for that because I know I'm in good hands and I appreciate their knowledge and guidance.

So I was tapping away on the keyboard yesterday, when Hanno walked in with a parcel. "it's from Germany" he said, and I knew immediately what it was. Hilde, a reader here, had sent me Zakka Sewing: 25 Japanese projects for the household, a number of beautiful fabrics, thread and a lovely message on a card. It made my morning! Thank you so much, Hilde! You are very generous. I spent a wonderful thirty minutes looking through the book and then had to force myself back to the computer. I kept thinking of that little squirrel tea cosy though, it's so sweet.

It doesn't feel like Christmas yet. We have no decorations up and I haven't decided what we'll eat for Christmas lunch, but I know it will come together, just like it always does. In the meantime, I'll keep writing and thinking, writing and thinking and hope that soon I'll be confident enough to send my proposal in.

Thank you all for the comments this week, I really look forward to reading them. They remind me every day that you're all out there and there is a world-wide community of us all working towards a better life, and for that, I'm ever thankful.



  1. Dearest Rhonda,
    I haven't found the time to read your posts lately but have just finished reading Wednesdays post and all the comments. WOW! I am soooo glad that people agree with my thoughts on the government handout. I haven't really talked to people about it in case I was the only one who thought it was the wrong way to go about fixing this huge problem. I won't receive this bonus as my husband works but if we did I would have put all the money onto our mortgage. I do hope other people who do receive this money use it wisely. I also think the baby bonus should be given another way instead of a huge cash bonus. When my daughter was born nearly 3 years ago I had purchased the necessary items before she was born, so ended up just putting the money into the bank. I was extremly lucky I was able to breastfeed her for 19 months and never bought baby food or formula. I cooked all her food and froze it in batches. I always cook from scratch and make my own bread, pickles, relishes, soap, washing powder( thanks to your receipes).
    Everyone I talk to says I was born in the wrong era & am old fashioned (I'm only 31) but I love my job as CEO of our home.
    Take care and keep up your excellent work.

  2. Hi RHonda it sounds like you ae having a productive and peaceful week.. Heres hoping you get your porposal done and dusted soon so you can kick back even further and prepare for Christmas.

    Vintage Rose makes a good point I didn't think we would get the bonus becasue sometimes at the end of the finanfcial year we get soemthing adn sometimes not. This year we did so apparently we do get the bonus. A blessing I ahve to tell you Daisydad works in the property related industry and things have been very quiet.

    I ahve decided that ours will be our emergency fund. I will pop it into a term deposit for a few moths at a time a pain but a good way of making sure it si there if we need it.


  3. Good morning Rhonda,
    The gift from Hilde looks so nice and we'll look forward to seeing what you make from the book. Its great to have a day just doing what needs to be done, so I'm wishing for you a day of uninterupted focus so you can complete your writing. We are heading down town to do a little Christmas shopping and this year will really try to be sensible in the gifts we buy. So often in years past we have bought without thinking but this year I hope it will be different. Next year I will be retired and will have time to make our gifts which I will really enjoy.
    Blessings Gail.

  4. Hi Rhonda

    I have a book similar to the one you received on Japanese projects(it is in storage at the moment and I can't remember the name). It is a beautiful book. The projects are fantastic but the book itself is great as a coffee table book to flick through for inspiraton.

    I haven't thought too much about Christmas day either but I found a recipe for chilled mulled wine on taste.com.au that I will be making. Yum!


    BTW - I am realy looking forward to buying your book.

  5. You're not the only one who's noticed that the world doesn't LOOK like it's coming to an end! I personally suspect that my news media (Northeastern U.S.) is exaggerating the problem in support of extending government control over the economy.

    Nobody seems to remember that trying to spend our way out of a recession caused this rather large economical problem in the 1930's...

  6. This is the first comment I have ver left you...
    Don't know why as I have nbeen a dedicated reader to your blogs since August!
    I love the chooks and just your whole perspective on things.
    When I read the Line "things will just come together" the penny dropped and I thought "YeP" So why do I continue to rush and not enjoy the peaceful surrounds I live in and worked hard to be part of ???
    So As I take My cuppa onto the balcony I say Thanks for reminding me.
    Things will come together.

  7. Hi Rhonda

    Thank you for your thoughts and wisdom. I call all your home hints and recipes Rhonda Revelations!

    Best wishes for a smooth completion of the book proposal - I can't wait to buy your book and say I 'know' the author. :)

    Cheers - Joolz

  8. Your gifts look lovely!
    I agree that it doesn't look like an economic crisis out there. I work at a local garden center in the Christmas department, and our sales are exact with last years at this time. The money people are spending on certain items is outrageous. I would never ever spend $500 on an artifical Christmas tree, but we are taking them out to the loading area daily. We sell artificial evergreen garland for $18 a piece and people are buying 3 and 4 at a time. I could go on and on.

    I am happy to say though that the lower gas prices here are quite helpful to my pocketbook. Where I live gas is down to $165/gallon (PA/USA). I never thought I would see the day again where it would be below $2/gallon.

  9. Rhonda,

    I just want to congratulate you on your hard work. Doing that book proposal is no small job! By the time it's done, you'll have almost written the book. The hard part will be over. I know the finished product is going to be a wonderful help to so many people. Good job,
    Linda Nichols

  10. Hello ladies! thank you for your wonderful comments, yet again.

    Country cupcakes, I hope you enjoyed that cuppa.

    Linda Nichols, I have been thinking of you lately as I work through the proposal. It is mainly your doing that I was able to do it. Thank you for the important part you played. I will email you when things are not so busy here.

  11. What a lovely gift, and I bet you are already planning what to make from such lovely material too!

    You have a photo of a box of embroidery threads which you have used a couple of times, and every time I see it I want to sit down and embroider.

    More practical things under the needle at present though - a thick heavy brocade curtain lined with flanelette to cut out the draughts under the front door . . . We are having a very cold winter here, which is NOT good when we are trying to economize as much as possible with the heating oil. The heating's not on yet this morning and I am sat here with 5 layers on my top half, thermal leggings and trousers, a crochet blanket and a cat on my lap!

  12. Rhonda I hope you find my joy in the book you were given. Yesterday I bought material to make Japanese style aprons for gifts. I bought a pattern a ffew weeks ago as I wanted to try Japanese embroidery.

  13. I have something for you at my blog!

  14. Hi Rhonda, I don't always comment anymore, but I often think of the guidance you give to this wonderful community, and of you up there near Mum and Dad's. I'm thankful to know you're not only living the dream, you're helping others learn about it by being so honest and open about your life. I'm looking forward to learning more about the book writing process.

    If I don't manage it before the 25th, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a pumpkin filled New Year!

    Lisa x

  15. Just a note to let you know that I gave you much needed credit on my blog tonight. I found your free stichery patterns a few weeks ago and snagged your garden pattern as an idea for a garden tote. Well, it came out great, THANK YOU! I changed a few things, but thank you so much for the idea! :)

  16. Hi Rhonda

    I am so glad that you are going to publish your book. I wanted to reassure you that the brandywines are again taking center stage in the tomatoe patch this year, along with some amish pastes :-)

    Thinking of you


  17. Hello Rhonda,

    I'm starting to do some of your recipes.
    I want to try to make homemade soap
    Completely off subject at this point... but where can I get a soap stamp for my soap to have some decoration on top?

    Thank you.

    Best wishes,

  18. I've looked at your site on and off for a couple of months now when I get the time and I think it's great, I always go away uplifted/inspired to do better etc with making life more simple. I've always been a bit frugal/simple/homemade type of person and for that reason different. It's so terrific that there are other people out there like ME. I know this probably isn't where I should post , but are there instructions on your site as I'm new to this sort of thing (blogs and stuff). I actually came here today to see if I could find a teacosy pattern with a base that tied at the top and there was a picture on your swap. sorry for the ramble, but if you could direct me to a protocol/instruction page I would appreciate it.

    Keep up the good work on the book


  19. Good luck on your proposal. I'm happy to have found your site again and added it my blog reader.

  20. Good luck with that proposal. And you're so right. Christmas does come together, doesnt it.. not necessarily on its own, but with a little help... etc!


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