3 December 2008

Natural insect traps

I've forgotten who asked, and can't find the comment, but someone wanted more information about how to use diatomaceous earth (DE). We use it on our chickens when they have lice. This doesn't happen often but you can bet your bottom dollar, when we bring new chooks in, they will have a few lice, and they spread. To apply the powder, we catch the chook and rub the DE all over the bird, making sure we cover under the wings and around the vent. And that's it! Make sure you don't breathe in too much of the powder and make sure you buy natural DE, not the one they use in swimming pools filters.

For cockroaches, just sprinkle the dust behind the fridge, or wherever you've seen the cockroaches running around. Don't expect them to die immediately. It takes a couple of weeks. Soon after they have contact with the DE they search more for water, so you might see them more often just after you put the DE down. It's harmless to humans, dogs and cats, except if they frequently breathe the dust in.

On benches, where I don't want DE spread around, I place upturned jar lids to which half and half borax and white sugar is added. The cockroaches eat this and die a few days later. You can hide these little traps behind your bread bin or canisters. This also works for ants, but I replace the sugar for honey if I'm trapping ants.

A couple of readers wanted the recipe for tuna loaf - it's just like a meat loaf, using fish instead of meat. I write about it in July so the recipe and photos are here.

Thank you all for the lovely comments on yesterday's post. Newcomers to simple living will read those and think they might make a start, I'm sure it was a great encouragement.

Sorry for the quick post today. I'm in a hurry for something. See you all tomorrow!
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