Simple home-made holidays

2 November 2008
Hello all. Just a quick note to remind those who have not sent photos of their swap parcels to get them to me soon. I have held off putting new photos up until all were in (it is much easier to do in large batches!). Those who need to send them to me, especially those who received replacement parcels, now is the time. The swap is now over and we will be doing another swap down the road. I am giving you only one link today-but it is a link that keeps on giving. Some of you may remember that Sew Mama Sew did a home made holiday last year. They are doing it again this year! Keep checking and every day they will have ideas for gifts for everyone in your family, as well as things for the house! It is a great resource to use over and over again. You can also go back to their hand made holidays from last year for ideas. They also have great tutorials to check out! I want to remind everyone to drop by Rhonda's new blog: where she brings together great writers with ideas that range from sewing to gardening to frugal living. It is a blog that is a wonderful resource for ideas on surviving our economic crunch and living slowly, simply and deliberately. For those who live in the US-don't forget to "Fall back" and change your clocks and your smoke detector batteries. I will be back soon with more links.

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  1. I love the idea of a home made Christmas. We've always been crafty and when my daughter was small, she would make things for her grandparents. But I think that this year I'm going to make a lot of the gifts we give. I've already made a bird house for one relative and I think at least a couple are going to get crocheted scarves. I have some other ideas as well, but I probably should have started much earlier!


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