6 November 2008

Yes we can

I had goose bumps yesterday listening to the wonderful speech given by President-elect Obama. I believe he will return hope to American and show the way to a much brighter future. The American election received extensive coverage in Australia, and I'm sure in most Western countries, because no matter how much we all complain about the influence of America on our individual cultures, our future as allies is bound together and we either sink or swim together. So congratulations to all my American friends for having the courage to vote for your first African American president, and for the record number of voters who turned out to make history.

I particularly liked this part of Senator Obama's speech:

"And to all those watching tonight from beyond our shores, from parliaments and palaces to those who are huddled around radios in the forgotten corners of our world - our stories are singular, but our destiny is shared, and a new dawn of American leadership is at hand. To those who would tear this world down - we will defeat you. To those who seek peace and security - we support you. And to all those who have wondered if America's beacon still burns as bright - tonight we proved once more that the true strength of our nation comes not from our the might of our arms or the scale of our wealth, but from the enduring power of our ideals: democracy, liberty, opportunity, and unyielding hope. "

There are hard times ahead for all of us but I have more hope today than I had yesterday that with good leadership – both here in Australia and in the international community, we will move together towards a better future.




  1. God Bless President Elect Obama and the people of the United States. We look forward to the future.
    DianeH, CANADA

  2. This American expat sobbed her way through that entire speech. I've been waiting for this sinc 2004.

  3. I was shocked by how emotional I was when I heard that Obama won. And it had nothing to do with him being African-American but rather I could feel the exciting breeze of hope and change thru to the core. It blew thru our country last night leaving all who felt it changed.

    I will second the first post.

    God Bless America.

    Heather K.

  4. There will be some that didn't want him in power and there will be some that did but we all want the same thing and that is peace, on earth and our health.

  5. God Bless President Bush and Senator John McCain as well as Dick Cheney and Sarah Palin. President Bush had the most difficult presidency of the last 50 years, 9/11, internet bubble burst, Hurricane Katrina, mortgage meltdown (caused by democrats). He has handled the pressure with grace. I applaud him and First Lady Laura Bush for serving our country. I am ashamed to go on blogs and see expats criticizing President Bush. God help America now that Obama has been elected. Those of us that did not vote for Obama (nearly half of those voting in our country) look forward to the future as we always have. Sincerely, Patti Hill proud American from Livonia, Michigan USA

  6. "Yes we can" and anyone that says otherwise is not seeing the hope that just shined in the eyes of the people that were bought and sold inside these borders. We have all worked long and hard to balance things here and I think last night signified that NO ONE has a reason to complain or feel less than equal here now. This country has been equaled! I am a white American married to the military btw and I could not be more proud.
    Yes we can!

  7. Hmm..well I have to say that Obama has got a lot of people fooled. I'm not happy that we have a pro-choice, pro-gay president elect. I think America made a mistake.

    I do however think it's historic that we have elected an African American, that part I'm proud of.

    I'll be praying for his administration.

  8. I am hopeful as well. It was a tough decision for me as both men had characteristics and qualities that we need as a nation. We continue on, come what may.

    ~ Annette, Hot Springs Virginia, USA

  9. Too bad his ideals don't include respect for human life. Sorry, not all of America is happy with Obama for president. As an American, I'm scared for the future of my children...Sometimes morals must come before the promise of the dollar.

  10. Well, on the flip side, I can say that although I (blush) voted for GWBush, by the end of it all I was simply left feeling embarassed. Since 2004 I have been waiting for this hopeful moment. And, although there may be folks who are uneasy about Obama (or God forbid bought on to some of the wacko claims out there), let's face it, the reality is that GWBush has the lowest approval rate in history. Doesn't this speak volumes? I am hopeful about our future, and proud of what we accomplished last night. -Sandy USA

  11. Michelle said:

    ///Hmm..well I have to say that Obama has got a lot of people fooled. I'm not happy that we have a pro-choice, pro-gay president elect. I think America made a mistake. \\\

    Our President Obama is not pro these things himself- he's pro right of people deciding what they do with their lives. Plus, look at the propositions that actually made it through on banning gay marriage. This says A LOT!

    Anyone who voted for McCain and is against Obama based on the morality issue really needs to take a good look at who they voted for. McCain had a wonderful speech last night that touched my heart but he is someone who doesn't want to face that the war in Iraq was a MISTAKE and who wants to continue putting people's lives at risk. Let people do what they want with their OWN lives but to force ourselves on others (war and death!) is on a completely different ball game.

  12. I will continue to respect the office of the president, and I will pray for President Obama, as I feel it's my God given duty as a christian, but my 'hopes' plummeted at the result of the election.

    Anyone who carefully studied the record of how Obama has voted on key issues, and how McCain voted, knows what Obama stands for, and it's not the American ideal to which my family has clung.

    I fear for the future of this nation, as well as other nations affected by the decisions made in our White House. I fear for our military who's new 'Chief' is a man who has never served in the military and has no experience in that crucial area. I fear for the hardworking people who's money will be taken and given over to those who didn't work as hard, or not at all, by a President who's touting "share the wealth". I do not embrace America becoming a socialist nation.

  13. I got goosebumps for a different reason. May God have mercy on our country.

  14. Thank you for this post. It's good to know what folks around the world are thinking about it. I'm not expecting pefection from Obama, any more than I would of any human, but I have hope that he is the change we need.It's been awhile but I am, once again, Proud to be an American.

  15. I was moved to tears last night when Barack Obama won the election. For the first time in eight years I no longer fear the future and I am once again proud of my country! God Bless President elect Obama!!!!!!!!!!

  16. America made a huge mistake. There are people who are very fearful of what this man could bring to pass. We can only pray. 54 million people voted for McCain...60 million for B. Hussein. Not a landslide by any any means. Our media was in the tank for Hussien and he received millions in illegal, oversea's donations. It is a very sad day for America.

  17. Well, 47% of the citizens of the U.S. did not vote for Obama. I am one of those who did not vote for McCain. Do we want change -- absolutely! The last 3 years or so with Bush has not been good at all. The mortgage crisis was the direct result of the Democrats in Congresss. Take a few minutes, research the issue and get the facts. What we need is change away from big government and from Democratic control.

    How do I feel about a Democrat for President? Scared! How does everyone else that I talk to feel about Obama (a Democrat) being elected as President of the United States? Sick to our stomachs.

    He reads a telepromter very well and gives a moving speech. But, look at his record as Senator. He was only a Senator for 146 days before he decided to run for President. He basically has ZERO experience. This is frightening! Would you agree with WalMart hiring a checkout person and promoting them to CFO after only working for 146 days in their job?

    I will continue to pray to God not only to bless us all, but to please help us all.

  18. Sorry - I should have written:

    "Well, 47% of the citizens of the U.S. did not vote for Obama. I am one of those who did not vote for Obama."

  19. Oh my.. I was finally beginning to be proud to be an American again, instead of ashamed, until I read some of the comments here. The intolerance that still exists is utterly astounding. Even more astounding is that the bulk of the negativity is coming from self-professed Christians. Incredible.

  20. Wow, here in Australia amongst my friends, we all cried and were full of joy for the UNITED states and the world.

    There is hope for a UNITED world.

    Have to agree with the last comment from Cyndy..the intolerance is astounding.

    There are alot of very happy people from around the world!

  21. Well, here in Israel we're biting our nails. From what I understand, Obama is for the division of Jerusalem.

  22. For once, I think I can say that after last night, I'm proud to be an American. I'm also proud to be a resident of Vermont, being the first state to call in our votes and being the first state last night to give Sen. Obama our electoral votes. :)

    I think he's going to be the first US President in a long time that actually gives people warm and fuzzy feelings inside. I'm 23, and this is only the second presidential election I have been able to vote in. Ever since I started taking notice of politics in high school (1999) I've thought the whole process was flawed and that it was going to be normal to have a president you hate or cannot relate to. Not any more.

    Here's to hoping for change for the better. :)

  23. Yes We Can! Obamados!

  24. "Oh my.. I was finally beginning to be proud to be an American again, instead of ashamed, until I read some of the comments here. The intolerance that still exists is utterly astounding. Even more astounding is that the bulk of the negativity is coming from self-professed Christians. Incredible."
    I agree totally! Shame on them for being this way! The God I know and love isn't their God.

  25. As a Christian, my moral compass leads me to defend the preborn of our world, and that doesn't make me "intolerant"-- it makes me a social activist. Social activism = speaking out and demanding justice for the most vulnerable among us. Obama's track record has made clear what he stands for, and it horrifies a LOT of people-- Christian or non-Christian.

  26. I am thrilled with our President-Elect Obama. For the first time since 2000 I cried tears of joy instead of horror. I am amazed so many readers here are so negative about this election. I believe I will have to pass on reading the comments for a while. Please know we don't all think W has been anything but horrible as a leader. I can't wait to have these nay-sayers eat their words over the next 4 years!

  27. As an Australian I am glad Obama has been elected. He brings America a chance to be a different country than the rest of the world has seen over the last decade or so.

    To those who disagree with his morals or beliefs on certain subjects - The President is not the person who is going to be the biggest influence on the choices your children make. That responsibility lies with you.

    Those who are afraid of what a "socialist" government might bring - I am suprised that you would read this blog, seeing as there is so much on here about being responsible for ourselves, but also helping those who need it.

    From the outside, Obama is just what America needs - and there has been nothing said on here that doesn't convince me otherwise.

    I wish him luck, and support, he will need it on his journey.

  28. Your right as far as Obama having some great speech writers.

    Speaking as a resident of Illinois, I hope that Obama does a lot better job for the rest of the country than he did for Illinois. In Illinois, his voting record was mostly "present" unless it came to taking away the rights of the unborn (he supports partial birth abortion) or taking away the rights of the second amendment. That is not "negativity" but facts, check his voting record when he was in the Illinois senate.

    So, while the rest of the world may be excited, almost half of this country is not so excited about becoming a socialist country. I voted for the man that I thought would be the best choice for us being able to be safe while working to make a living. Not someone who is going to raise our taxes to hand out more entitlements for those who want to take for for their living.

    Its not a race issue. I have no problem voting for the right black and/or white man. Voting for the man because you are excited to have a black man as president of the US is just as wrong as not voting for a man because he is black. Also, why was he always referred to as black? He's half white and that fact just never seemed to be mentioned. People should investigate his voting record rather than just looking at the color of his skin or how well he delivers a prepared speech. Talk about being shallow and judging a book by its cover. Open up the book and read what is inside.

    You're right though he is charming while delivering a well-written speech.

    Normally, I love your blog but this one was disappointing.

  29. Another resident of Illinois here. I am hopeful that this President can lead this nation to one of being united. All races, colors & religions. He is not a perfect man and we will all have to work together to make the changes that are necessary to make this nation what can be. We have a long road ahead but I believe that this is the change that is needed. I admire John McCain and thought his speech was wonderful and hope that our president elect includes him in this new administration. I found Obama's speech to be inspiring and sincere and I look forward to the future!
    Central Illinois

  30. I am proud of America for coming so far as being able to have a black man and a woman run for President and to have a woman considered for Vice President. Yes for that I am proud. I did not vote for Obama and I am a christian. My faith is based on trusting my God is in control and he allowed this change for our country. Being an American I will stand behind my President but at the same time I will use the freedoms given to me. I will follow my opinions with actions and not just state what I think is right. The bottom line is that just because something is legal does not mean you have to do it...we are all given free will and we make our own choices that we will have to answer to. How do you regulate freedom? I bet no matter who you are as President that question keeps you up at night. How do you give rights to everyone in the nation without taking rights from others? I hope that we as a nation can find a way to find solutions instead of saying what we think others should or should not be doing. I do agree with Obama that there is hope......there is always hope. I pray that Obama will surprise us and become the leader he says that he will be. My God is greater than any man and my God can bring change. I hope this is a wake up to anyone who says they are a christian and sees the opportunity given to us. While everyone else is using their rights we need to be using ours. We need not to be silent and speak up for our rights and help find solutions. Volunteer at pregnancy crisis centers, give to those in your direct community that are struggling, write to your senate, call your senate, write to your insurance companies. We are all given rights and we need to use them for the greater good. I don't think telling people your disappointed in them and critizing them for how they voted gets us anywhere. Fear holds us back and we need to be active. We have rights, use them. I will continue to pray for our nation as a whole that we all can become the men and women that God wants us to be. I love your blog and I applaud you for sharing from the heart. Thank you for taking action.

  31. It's been appalling to see the criticalness, hatred and negativity from many conservative republicans concerning Obama. Some need to remove that big plank out of their own eyes.

    I may not agree with someone's personal choices in their life, but what I don't believe in doing is to cram my beliefs down someone's throat. People will always choose what they want to do, whether good or bad. I leave the judgment stuff up to God. Stand up for what is right, people, but do it with LOVE, not hatred.

    Many of us have been suffering through 8 years of Bush. Our country is in such a mess! There has been nothing positive about having a republican as our president. Can I say how elated I am to see Obama elected? This means so much to so many people. It has given many a renewed hope.

    It's time to move ahead to the hope of the future.

    Lyn, U.S.

  32. I would like to thank those of you who are not from the US for your enthusiasm and kind words. Rest assured, many of us are more relieved than we can express with the election of Senator Obama. We have spent 8 years watching our loved ones die or be seriously wounded in a war we shouldn't be waging. We have been embarrassed by the words and actions of this administration. And we've watched what little savings we've had disappear while big business took over. All of this has, however, made us stronger as individuals and closer as families.
    Please stay with us and we will all see a brighter tomorrow. JudieJ

  33. I'm an Ohioan that voted for Obama, and I'm thrilled, beyond thrilled that he made it into office. He IS the change we need...to restore our good name in the world, to end a senseless war and to restore balance to America.

    But I must say that I'm embarrassed and ashamed that so many conservative Christians feel it's necessary to act like such sore losers. Too bad they can't be as gracious and dignified as McCain in his speech last night.

    Thanks to all of you well-wishers from around the world. Pray for our country, now that there's a chance for change.

  34. God help the unborn!!

  35. I posted this morning that for the first time ever I woke up this morning with a feeling that this country will be better off four years from now, and I've voted in every election since 1988. FWIW, I voted Republican in every election but this one. Why did I vote for Obama? The need for American diplomacy in world affairs, the realization that we must address the needs of the working poor if we wish to make things better for all, because I'm sick and tired of paying a higher income tax rate than Exxon/Mobil and the like!

    Like so many others, reading the comments here has left me with a mixture of sadness, anger and fear but mostly hope.

    Sadness not only at the level of intolerance, but mostly at the lack of thoughtful consideration of the issues. We musn't believe everything the 30-second sound bite tells us! And that goes for ALL political candidates. Anger at the hatred directed in the name of God. Fear in the knowledge that some of these people are my neighbors. But again, hope, overwhelming hope from the comments of the non-US readers.

    The only comment I wish to address directly is Carol's:

    Carol, why do you feel the need to focus on president-elect Obama's middle name? How exactly do you feel that this defines him in any way? FWIW, it's meaning is "good, small, handsome-one."

    Thank you Rhonda for opening a dialogue and giving us a non-US perspective.

  36. Thank you for this post. :) I'm another who is thrilled to see Obama elected President. I'm also saddened to hear the angry comments from the other side. McCain was gracious in his speech last night. I wish his supporters had the same amount of class that he does.

    I think if anyone's life is help up for critical examination, that flaws will be found. Neither candidate is above reproach. I pray that God gives President-Elect Obama wisdom and discernment for the next four years.

  37. As an Australian, I am totally shocked at the so called "christian" (by their own say so) people who have posted on Rhonda's wonderful site with their negative and intolerant comments.

    If the majority of Mr Mcain voters have the attitudes listed today I am even more happy that Mr Obama has been elected. What an eye opener!!!!

    Love the blog Rhonda xxxxxxx


  38. Yes I thought it was a fantastic speak. he is a very good speaker unlike the person he is replacing. Cheers Donna from the gong.

  39. Sorry, but I cannot get on the adore Obama bandwagon, and tht does not make me a vitriolic hater. He is a great speaker, but I do not trust him. He is just a little too smooth. When I listen to him, I feel a chill. On Oct. 30, 2007 his running mate, Joe Biden, said that John McCain is the only man qualified to be President. Interesting. Obama plans to restrict homeschoolers, and conservative talk radio. Sorry, but that scares me. We treasure these freedoms. The fact that the world adores him concerns me too, because they do not realize how the liberal press in America has manipulated polls and reporting. About 90% of the press in America have been educated in liberal universities and are registered Democrats. So much for unbiased reporting! They have been gloating for weeks now! And I haven't even mentioned the Hollywood elite who have poured millions of dollars into this election. So there is a merited reason for so many conservative Americans feeling resentment. Personally, I do not adore McCain either, but I certainly prefer someone who has actually shed blood for our country, to someone who doesn't salute our flag, went by the name Barry until he went overseas and came back reinvented as Barack. And for those who would point to those who do not support Obama as intolerant and negative, may I suggest you go to U-Tube and listen to the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, who Obama sat under his teaching for 20 yrs. and says was as a father figure to him. If you want to see someone spouting racial hatred and negativity, just listen to him! Vickib501 Amarykinwoman

  40. I'm another Aussie who is very pleased with the US election results. What little I know of the President-elect is that he has spent his working life helping others, and that he has plenty of brains. That looks like a pretty good start, to me. Of course, his symbolic significance to black Americans is vast -- their weeping and dancing in the streets was very, very touching. Incidentally, why is socialism such a huge bogey in the US? What do they think it means?

  41. This is so enlightening reading the comments here. Thanks Rhonda.
    I forgot to add my name to my previous post saying all my friends here in Australia were so over-joyed and inspired with the hope now for a better world.

    Gee, reading these comments has made me appreciate living in Australia. Some comments scare me.


  42. Another addit, isn't Barack a great example of how women, mothers and grandmothers, can raise an intelligent, articulate and socially conscious man.
    Not that this is ideal but it really is a day to celebrate as women. There are just too many negative examples of destroyed and lost men folk who have not had father figures.
    Sometimes its good to focus on whats good in the world when its standing there in front of you.


  43. I'm sort of surprised (and a little scared) by how many people equate not voting for Obama with hate and intolerance. The Christian pro-life doctrine is actually based on an idea of LOVE and respect for the dignity of human life -- and a lot of people have voted in accordance with genuinely held beliefs.

    Just because you may not agree with what they believe, or think it is unimportant, does not make them haters.

  44. First, I'd like to point out that Obama is not an African-American. His mother is a white American and his father is a foreigner.To be African-American takes more than some additional melanin in your skin. Being African-American speaks of a long and rich history in our nation. It implies ancestors brought here as slaves, who lived through the Jim Crow laws, segregation and the equal rights movement. It speaks of a people who have suffered and overcome. Obama is not a descendant of this legacy, genetically or culturally.

    Secondly, just because someone doesn't agree with his policies doesn't make them a hate-filled bigot. It's very hypocritical of people with liberal ideology to rip on conserservatives because they disagree with them. It's also highly ridiculous when people say that anyone who speaks an opinion differing from their own is trying to cram their beliefs down their throat. They merely believe differently than you, and they have just as much right to express their beliefs as you do.

  45. I'm also very glad that Obama is the new president of the US.
    It gives me hope for the future of our world.

    There is something i completely do not understand about cristians who are very much against abortion (and showing this agressively) and are often very pro to the ownership of weapons...

    Annikka from the Netherlands

  46. I have to say as an Aussie, I kind of felt too much hope around the world was being placed on the American election.

    My husband had the TV on every opportunity he was home, and I felt like that took away time from the family. I'm glad he has an interest in world politics, but the way he went on about this election making history - I thought - well, let it join the rest of it. ;)

    To me, hope comes from your own heart and what you plan to do with your own future. Leaders should inspire us to do better, but they shouldn't become responsible for us wanting to get up in the morning and feel better about the world.

    I love the world. It's incrediblly brutal and awful - but that's nothing compared to the beauty and innocence that I see in my neighbours, friends, family and blogs I read from around the world.

    That wasn't going to change, no matter who got elected. :)

    I adore Rhonda's blog and everyone who seems to visit here, so I hope my comments haven't offended anyone.

  47. "There is something i completely do not understand about cristians who are very much against abortion (and showing this agressively) and are often very pro to the ownership of weapons..."

    I'm not Christian or American, but I AM for ownership of weapons when needed. Allow me to explain why. I'm Israeli, and we live in a tiny settlement surrounded by hostile villages. Owning a weapon will allow self-defense. I would rather never have to hurt anyone, but frankly, owning a weapon is reassuring in case an unknwon masked man comes banging at our back door at 3 in the morning. Ownership of a weapon in self-defense is protection of INNOCENT life.

    Being against abortion is, in a very similar way, protection of precious, innocent life.

  48. "The intolerance that still exists is utterly astounding. Even more astounding is that the bulk of the negativity is coming from self-professed Christians."

    I'm so thankful that in America we still have the right to disagree on things without being labeled. Do I agree with Obama? Not on much. Did I agree with Bush on everything? No. Did I agree with McCain on everything? No. I'm thankful to be in America where I have that right.

  49. I must say that I stood in line for 2 1/2 hours to vote. I have voted at the same polling place for 18 years. I live in the inner city. I live in an inner city where most of my neighbors are African-American. I have never waited even a few seconds to vote. It was nice to see so many people use their priviledge. I just wish more people would actually know what they are voting for. President-elect Obama was very active in Acorn. Acorn lobbied and helped change legislation during the Clinton (Democratic) administration that forced the mortgage lending to accept people for mortgages that did not have good credit in the name of everyone deserved a home. A large part of the "mortgage crisis" in our country has been defaults from these types of mortgages. He in other words had a large part to play in the financial crisis we are suffering. I also am sad to see people think that because he is elected the "rich" will loose power. They don't seem to understand capitalism and the fact that his idea of taxation will cause businesses to layoff, not hire, etc. I think we are really in for a tough time because the unemployment rate is going to sky rocket. The sad fact is that they will blame the previous administration. People in our country need to start taking responsibility for their actions and just stop blaming some one else.

  50. Wow. I was surprised to sign on today and see a post on our new president. I did not vote for him and was very emotional when he did get elected--emotional in a sad way. Our essential freedoms in America are now in jeopardy thanks to his being elected. I truly don't understand the joy people are feeling over it. Gen Rogers--IL Homesteader

  51. I'm troubled by the economic issues that Obama ran on. They deal with giving tax breaks... only if you live a life quite opposite of the simple, wholesome life my family strives for.

    If you have a wage-earner and a homemaker, a vegetable garden, the time to wash out rags instead of buying disposable chemical wipes, the will to make your own soap instead of working in an office all day and buying the soap from the store... there is very, very little that his plan will do for you.

    If you stay out of debt, keep your expenses down, and do your best to save money for tough times, there is very little his planned tax credits will do for you.

    There are myriads of government resources available for public schoolers and private schoolers, but nothing for homeschoolers.

    Yet currently a good 15-17% of our paycheck goes to funding that hectic lifestyle, money from which we do not benefit, and we are just barely above 150% of the poverty level. (The birth of this baby will put us below that mark.) Under President Clinton, that burden was 25%.

    I'll continue to save as I can and work through this simpler life, reading your blog for ideas and slimming down by degrees, but if Obama implements the plan he campaigned on, it will be more difficult than ever before.

  52. We were shocked too and it also didn't have anything to do with him being african american. We were sure McCain would win. We are military and are a little upset that he wants to lower our pay so he can lower taxes. We still look forward to the future just like any other American, knowing and praying God is in control here.

    God Bless,
    Katie==A proud American!

  53. I do not see intolerance or hatred in the comments here. I see people expressing a difference of opinion.

    Has political correctness gotten so extreme that only one set of opinions is allowed? If I disagree with a person's voting record, lack of experience, values and viewpoints, am I still suppose to vote for him because he is the politically correct color of the day?

    I harbor no ill will towards Obama. He's entitled to his viewpoints just as I am entitled to mine. I just happen to disagree with them and that should not be labeled as hatred or intolerance.

    Joyce in Illinois

  54. Well I'm shocked. Truly shocked. I agree totally with Rhonda's post, and felt like with the mindset of the women (and occasional men) who come to this blog that we would have some kind of like-mindedness going on here. I have, I'm afraid to say, been quite disappointed.

    I truly think that Obama is the best chance for America and for the first time in my life, I'm very proud of the American people. I live in the UK and my best friend lives in NC in the USA. We differ politically but remain best friends despite that.

    I don't honestly see how Obama not putting his hand on his heart when he sang the national anthem can possibly make him a bad person. I saw that as him challenging the norms, pushing peoples' boundaries and by jove do the norms need challenging and the boudaries need pushing! Whoever thinks that the American (yes, and British) establishment to date has been right and proper and doesn't need changing has fallen prey to the wool being pulled over their eyes, as is the intention of said establishment. They put J-Lo and her celeb friends in front of you, or lure you into a church and preach at you, in order to distract you so that they can get on with ripping off the country and serving their own interests. Obama isn't like that. All he's ever done in his working life is to help people to help themselves, and there's no reason why he'll be changing his tactics now. He's a man with a vision, a vision of a better place.

    One comment in particular has irritated me so I'll be moaning about that:

    Rebekka said "The Christian pro-life doctrine is actually based on an idea of LOVE and respect for the dignity of human life". Is that why fundamentalist Christians have murdered abortion doctors? Was that in the name of love and respect for human life? How about freedom? Like, women's freedoms to have an abortion if she so wishes? Would you rather be overrun with unwanted pregnancies, teenage mothers and illiterate children? Because if you take away that choice, that is what you will end up with: We have sink council estates in the UK where groups of such people live together. Its not that abortion is illegal here, but there are certain people, second or third generation teenage pregnancy types, professional doleys, who don't seemingly have the morality, intellect or wherewithall to a)abstain from sex until you're mature enough; b) use contraception; or c) seek an abortion in the case of an unplanned pregnancy. These people are living off the state on so-called 'Job Seekers' Allowance' even though they have absolutely no intention of getting a job. Is that what you would like in the States?

    You may have picked up that I'm not a Christian. I don't have any religion for that matter, because I have had a sufficiently adequate scientific and philosophical education to realise what a con the church is. That is my personal view, and I appreciate that I may have offended people with that comment, but there's no soft way of saying that I'm afraid. However, the bigotry (yes, I have definitely seen bigotry here from Republicans) here has offended me. My philosophy in life would be 'Do as you would be done by', and you can't go far wrong with that.

    Its a shame that poisonous words have had to pollute Rhonda's excellent, wonderful blog, but I felt redress and balance was needed with all this hysterical Christianity.

    On that note, I would not get the same understanding and respect if I'd said I didn't want to vote for McCain because he didn't believe in fairies and I did! And yet there is just as much likelihood that fairies exist as God existing. Americans insist that their President be deluded and believe that there is some mythical being in the sky controlling all that is around us. Wake up people, he isn't there so stop feeling guilty for doing nothing wrong and enjoy your lives. And stop telling others how to live their lives either. Especially as you've got it all so wrong!

    Having said that, respect and love to you all whatever your beliefs, and may Obama be a wise and good president and bring America and its allies properity and peace.

    Sorry for rambling, and thanks for listening.


  55. I feel the need to address the Christian idea of pro-abortion... is anyone REALLY pro-abortion? Pro-choice is NOT pro-abortion!! I might be wrong but doesn't God teach not to judge lest you have walked in anothers shoes? Obama is pro-choice... no one is PRO- abortion.

  56. Wow, what a heated debate. Rhonda, I do hope you don't feel as though you've opened a can of worms. :o)

    To FiFi:

    About being pro-life, I cannot answer for Christians, as I'm an Orthodox Jew, but I feel I just must say this is supposed to be done IN LOVE. Instead of focusing on hating abortionists, I'd rather love, love, love each expectant Mom and each unborn baby. Instead of being proud of doing nasty things to the Nasty, I'd rather be proud of saying - another child lives, another life is reconstructed thanks to our humble efforts.

    I think we all agree on fighting the vicious cycle of teenage out-of-wedlock pregnancies and broken homes; I haven't met one person, conservative or liberal, who thinks it's a positive social phenomenon - we just differ on what can/should be done about it.

    Oh, and another something about president Obama. I believe that him being non-white isn't even supposed to be a consideration or a factor in being for, or against him. The very fact that people are so excited about having "a black president" says volumes about how we aren't truly over the racial barrier. If a person's skin color didn't matter, no one would talk about it, and certainly not decide to vote or not to vote because of it.

  57. Here's the thing...abortion is an awful thing and I think we can all agree on it. Does that mean that we'll all rush out and have one now that there's a Democratic president? No. Will the abortion rate go up now that we have a Democratic president? Probably not. If you're inclined to abort a baby, it will happen,no matter what the law is or who is in office.

    It seems like conservatives latch onto one issue and use it as a rallying cry to shame people into voting Republican. "Liberals kill babies!!!!!!" If you vote Democratic, then you're a baby killer. If we Democrats used a similar rally...oh, something like "Republicans are warmongers that have raped the world of it's natural resources and soiled America's good name" we'd be berated as unAmerican.

    I'm a Christian and a blue-dog democrat (pro-life, traditional marriage, arms wielding) so say what you want, but I think in this case, Religion is best left at the door. Give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar, Give to God what belongs to God.

  58. Wow. I'm sorry your blog has been hijacked, Rhonda.

    To Fifi: exactly what Mrs. Anna T said.

    And I'll just add that it's not only mean and offensive, but argumentatively weak to tar the world's billions of Christians with the same brush as those who would murder anyone, even abortion doctors. You do not have to agree with the pro-life position but I humbly suggest that you try to understand it before arguing against it. If you are interested, here is a literate and well-written post by a former atheist: http://tinyurl.com/5pocyw

    In charity,

  59. Up until about 15 years ago (when my son was born), I would have labeled myself pro-choice. I even took my younger sister for a 1st trimester abortion that she felt was necessary. I supported her choice then and feel guilty now.

    A few years ago though a the pro-choice movement made a move towards protecting the rights of abortions at any cost. I am referring to partial-birth abortions. Are you aware that partial-birth abortions are done late term up until 9 months gestation? Are you aware that partial birth abortions are done here in Chicago at Christ Hospital? Are you aware that when the abortion fails and the child is born breathing they stick it in a closet until it dies? Don't tell me this couldn't be done. A nurse who worked at Christ Hospital exposed this heinous activity. Can you really say that you support abortion at any cost and that partial-birth abortions should be tolerated by a civilized society? Obama voted to allow partial birth abortions and against a ban on these type of activities.

    Before anyone starts on me about the evil that is done when abortion clinics are blown up, don't go there. Activities like that are done by extremists who cannot draw a reasonable line, kind of like the extremists who cannot draw a reasonable line on what type of abortions should be allowed by law. I don't like abortions but would not force someone to not have a choice. But can't we take into account the rights a child being born who in that last trimester that could survive outside of the mother?

    Joyce in Illinois

  60. Ahhh socialism..just makes you feel all warm and fuzzy doesn't it??

    At least I've stopped crying for a lost way of life...

  61. I do not think we have yet seen the "real" Obama...only what he and the media want us too.
    I am sorry for my country....

  62. Caryn, just wanted to say I loved your comment.

    "Ahhh socialism..just makes you feel all warm and fuzzy doesn't it??

    At least I've stopped crying for a lost way of life..."

    I've run into quite a few people who do not get it that some people really do not want to live in a socialist country. What's next communism?

    Actually, I generally like your blog Rhonda, its made me want to grow in my own self-reliance. I think small government is much more conducive to that line of thinking than bigger government.

    Joyce in Illinois

  63. I ditto what Kate way up at the top of the comments said. Each of us has different things we deeply want, and believe; and we all vote accordingly. But at the end of the day, we're Americans, and we (most of us, I would hope) want a peaceful prosperous nation, and we want that for the rest of the world too.

  64. Sending love to you, especially WRT your Obama post. It's a shame that this has become a firestorm and you've had to endure the kind of contentiousness that has marked this election process. Peace out!


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