14 November 2008

Busy and relaxed

I've been busy over the past week but I'm feeling relaxed and rested nevertheless. My main task has been my book which I haven't talked about much lately but have had quite a few people ask me about, so here is an update. I'm working now on the book proposal, which I have to have finished by late December. The proposal is an explanation of what I an writing, how I see the book when it's finished, and what my subject matter is with a list and explanation of the chapters, and a couple of sample chapters. Basically I'm selling the book proposal, so it has to be the best it can be. Yesterday I spoke to a professor at the local university about book illustrators. He set me on the right path to find one - I would like to work with someone just starting out - and next week, I hope, I'll be sorting through examples of their work.

So that takes up most of my days. When I have a break, I usually knit, walk around the garden, or do some housework. Hanno, as usual, is a great help to me. He hangs out the laundry, packs the dishwasher and does the grocery shopping. We make a good team because neither of us asks for help but it's always offered and the work gets done. I guess that comes from living together all this time - each of us know what the other needs and we step in to provide it.

This is the latest addition to the gift cupboard. An organic cotton scarf that is silky soft and an absolute pleasure to feel on my neck. I'll have to make one for myself before winter comes around again.

I'm really pleased that so many of you are interested in reducing your usage of electricity, water and gas and have joined the challenge to help your conservation measures. Like any other thing, having a firm starting point and knowing, really knowing, what our figures are gives us a way forward that is realistic and not based on a guess. If you want to join the challenge, read this post and add a comment. Then it's just a matter of reading your meters and working on reducing your usage. We are winning in a number of ways doing this - we are doing a little bit for our environment, we will save money and we are taking part in a community project, and it is always a good thing to join with others to work for change.

So now I'm off to read my meters again. Over the weekend we'll work hard on reducing our usage of water and electricity and on Monday I'll report in again with my meter readings. We'll then have the chance to workshop what we all did and how we did it, so make sure you get your readings and report your findings and your measures. I wish everyone in the challenge good luck with all the measure you'll take and I hope your families chip in and help too.

Welcome to all the new readers who have come here over the past week or so. I hope everyone has a lovely weekend.

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