13 November 2008

Every drop helps

It's been raining here all night. I sleep like a baby when I hear rain falling on our roof. When I got up this morning and went outside, the small tank at the front was overflowing. I grabbed some buckets and watered all the plants on the front verandah. Then filled the buckets again for the plants to be watered again in a few days time. It's another 30 litres of water saved. and the tank is already full again. Every drop helps.

I hope many more of you sign up for the meter reading challenge. Knowing what you're using, either in water, electricity and gas, or only one of them, will help you reduce your usage. It's a small step but a very helpful one.

There have been some wonderful comments so far about conserving precious water and electricity. I love reading how people get over the barriers placed in their way and work towards conservation. It helps our environment and it will save you money. So be part of the challenge and let others know what you're doing in the hope they'll join us.

We are being told nearly every day that many Western countries will go into recession soon, or at least experience an economic downturn and tough times. Now is the time to start your cost cutting measures and save that money for what might happen in the near future. If you're lucky enough to bypass the troubles predicted, you could use the money saved to pay off debt.

We're all in this together, so let's read our meters so we have a realistic measure to start with and then we'll work together to cut our usage. And remember, every drop you save, every light you turn off, every towel you hang outside to dry, helps our environment.

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