Shopping tote swappers

20 March 2008
Hello ladies, I have done some switching of swap buddies. Stephb and Anita are now buddies, Ania and Bel are swap buddies, and Aslaug and Rebecca are now buddies. If each of you would check your e-mail in boxes I have sent you each others addresses and now you can e-mail each other and start creating your shopping totes! Thanks so much for your patience with the glitches, but we are lucky that we had so few with the swap being so large. Happy Easter to one and all! Sharon


  1. Thanks so much for all your work, Sharon. I hope you have a restful Easter holiday xx

  2. Many thanks Sharon.
    Hi Anita, I have sent you an email, please let me know when you get it.
    Steph xx

  3. Thanks Steph - I replied, so that means we're done!

    Thanks Sharon xxx

  4. Thanks Sharon for your hard work in matching so many swap partners! I've heard from mine now and it's very exciting!


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