19 March 2008

Shopping Tote Swap

Would those ladies who have not been able to contact their swap partners please leave a comment here with their names, the name of their swap buddy, and if you remember, your swap number. I will be switching buddies tomorrow for those who haven't heard from their buddies. If you would prefer, you may also e-mail me at: cdetroyes at yahoo dot com. I would like to finalize the switches by tomorrow evening. Thank you all, Sharon


  1. #4 Lauren - my swap partner is Jenny

    my email is dkhamby at msn dot com

  2. no:40 Ania - my partner is Rebecca
    my e-mail is ania (dot) huxtable (at) ntlworld (dot) com

  3. Thanks Lauren and Ania- I will get back to you with new buddies soon!

  4. I just heard from Jenny so we are good. Thanks.

  5. Hi my name is Stephanie and I am partnered with Aslaug (Number 49)
    Haven't heard anything from my partner yet, after 3 emails :-(

    steph dot martyn at btopenworld dot com

  6. My name is Kimberly. My partner is Clare. I think we are #2. I did email her yesterday but am still waiting for a reply. Just wanted to let you know that we have not connected yet.
    My email is kimmmtt at yahoo dot com

  7. Hello ladies-it looks like this is going to be fairly easy as so far there are an even number of ladies who have not been able to contact their swap buddy. Later today I will post the new pairings with the e-mail address written out beside them. The swap buddies who never answered will be written in a seperate list and paired with each other in case they decide to be in the swap. Hopefully this will take care of all the problems. Considering how large the swap was, I feel very happy that there were so few problems! As always feel free to e-mail me anytime!

  8. I just got an email from Clare. Hope I'm not messing things up! If you need me to do two just let me know.


  9. Don't worry Kimberly, but I thank-you so much for the offer!! If I need you I will let you know and really appreciate you being willing to do two. How kind all the ladies are-it makes my job a true joy!!

  10. Sharon and Lorraine, I had an email from Anita who was concerned that she'd posted her email without spaces. I've resubmitted her email here without her address, which I'm sure you have on your list anyway.

    Anita said...
    I am Anita and have not yet heard from Amy. We are the first sway couple on the list. I have my fabric and sewing machine ready to go, so would love to be partnered up in time to get sewing on the holiday weekend, thanks for your help Sharon!


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