27 March 2008

Clean fridges

As promised, here are some fridges. Are there any others I can include here?

This is my clean fridge. It looks pretty feeble with store bought cabbage and tomatoes. Bring on the new harvest!

Below is Diane's fridge. Spick and span, Diane! Well done.

Here is Tracy's fridge. What a good job she did! Well done, Tracy.



  1. How inspiring to see clean fridges!! I haven't cleaned mine in months!! We don't have issues with too much food going bad as we have four kids living at home. But the grime inside needs to go! I've added it to the list for Saturday. Thanks for the reminder!

  2. Here is mine! :)

    Did you receive my email about the totes Rhonda?

    Have a great day!

  3. Loving the fridge talk!
    Cleaned mine a month ago for the first time in... ages. I swear the shelves were actually letting more light through once I'd finished cleaning them!
    I find it a very satisfying job to do (probably because I leave it so long between cleans!) However, everything in the fridge is "sorted" on a weekly basis. I guess I like to tidy more than I like to clean.
    Would photograph my beloved fridge but the milk shelf/tray just gave up the ghost so the fridge is in chaos at the moment and ashamed to go public.
    Glad to see you are feeling lighter in spirit, Rhonda, and I hope the stress of the last week or so is a little behind you now.
    Still enjoying your posts very much,

  4. Rhonda,

    Thank you for stopping by my blog. I also wanted to thank you for reminding me to clean my fridge. It is still a wreck maybe I will clean tommorow;)



  5. Hi Rhonda,

    well done to all those who got to cleaning them. I have a head cold, so nothing got done yesterday - just lots of resting.
    take care

  6. Hi Rhonda

    I finally managed to cleaned my fridge AND take photos AND post them! You'll find my clean fridge post here:
    Feel free to copy and paste the clean pic to your blog if you want to. But the close up of the bottom reveals the depth of my fridge's depravity!

  7. I'm ashamed to say I didn't get to clean my fridge! I have a good excuse though as I've spent a lot of time painting my new home ready to move in. The fridge will be cleaned this coming week, honestly! :)

  8. Rhonda, thanks for your comment on my blog. In answer to your question, it's a Westinghouse 500ltr fridge. It's an upside down version, so that we would have extra freezer space and so that we didn't have to bend down to get into the vegies at the bottom.

  9. I'll have to take a photo of mine. Scrubbed with bicarb, rinsed, then mopped out with vinegar, then rinsed, and finally dried.

    We blokes can take pride in a clean fridge, too!

  10. Only you, Rhocobelle
    would think of clean fridges! but I love it and know how you think. I would like to add a silent inclusion for one of our best friends, Heather who sadly is no longer with us but had the neatest fridge I have ever seen.
    love always
    Kathleen Arabesque


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