16 March 2008


There has been a glitch in the feeds. Please check, you may need to update the feeds from my blog.


  1. Hi Im new to blogger and have started one myself Rhonda, just wanting to know what feeds are and what are they used for. Sorry havent commented for awhile as we have been flat out here, but I still look at your blog everyday. Marlo

  2. Hi Marlo
    To tell you the truth, feeds are a bit of a mystery to me too. I only know that you can view feeds from a blog and don't have to visit the blog to read them. Maybe someone else can give you a better idea. :- )

  3. In a nutshell, "feeds" are documents that programs called feed aggregators or feed readers gather up for you and present them in a way that makes them handy to read. Typical online feed readers include Bloglines and Google Reader (but there are many, and some of them are meant to be used offline). Most blog platforms (including Blogger) publish a feed automatically. Muzzy, you have one (

    The thing that makes this very handy is that if you read lots of blogs, online newspapers, weather reports, podcasts, etc., you just go to your reader and updates on everything you read are right there in a nice, organized list -- you don't have to go out yourself and check every single one to see if it's been updated.

    I'm currently using Google Reader and it is very user friendly, give it a try!

  4. Thanks Debbie and Rhonda, I just checked it all out. You learn something new everyday. Marlo

  5. Rhonda - well, that is only true if the person who has the blog has it set to full feed. It the feed is not full, you still have to visit the blog to read it (as is sadly the case for your blog - I miss out on several of your posts because I don't have the time to click on the blog - I know it sounds silly, but with the small amount of time I have to read blogs, I just use my RSS feed reader, but while I do not understand your decision to change from full feed to partial, I do respect it).

    In that case, the RSS feed only informs you that there is a new post, of the title of the post and the first few lines of the post, giving the person a taste of what the post is about. I have found though that the topic and first few lines might not be a fully accurate picture of what the post is truly about so if you really like the blog, always click to read the full thing.

    Bri (long time reader, first time commenter)


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