Radio National interview

by - October 13, 2010

Tomorrow, the Future Tense program on Radio National will do a follow up interview with me. The program starts at 8.30am and I think I'll be on towards the end.

This is the link to the interview podcast:

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  1. Rhonda, I listened to the broadcast this morning, I'm glad you continued on your quest..I also have to "show" hubby the benifits of "simple living" many times for many things and it's always worth it in the end...
    I'm enjoying your blog.Ginny

  2. I wish you a very smooth and enjoyable interview!

  3. How what fun! Enjoy every minute.

    Blessings from Ohio/USA...Kim<><

  4. GREAT!!! How I wish I could hear you in India....

  5. great interview! your a very good speaker!
    WV USA

  6. Great interview Rhonda! The reasons I am here for the very reasons you mentioned! It's a great place to come with lots of kind words and inspiration! Keep up the good work and I am so looking forward to your book!!

    Central Illinois

  7. Great interview! :)
    Your voice didn't sound anything like I had imagined!!! Nice to put a voice to your face.

  8. You are inspirational Rhonda I hope to we can meet one day cheers affussa


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