Organising your home

25 October 2010
I've been thinking about the one thing that helps the most in keeping us on track here. I know my DIL Sarndra will love this, because that one true thing, is organisation. She thrives on it, she's a natural, she knows instinctively where to place things, how to effectively store almost anything and how to arrange household goods to best suit their efficient usage. By doing those things, Sarndra knows where everything is, she works efficiently and she has enough time to do what she wants to do when she's finished. I'm a bit more challenged in that direction. and when I'm really busy I let things go, even though I know in the long run it will create extra work. I let my sewing/work room get into a real mess before I fix it, and I tend to do the most important things and leave those less noticeable. When I stick to my routines I'm fine but at the moment with Hanno away and being so busy with various things, I'm not doing all I should and I know it will be a real push to put it all to rights again.

I have a quite a few small tasks that need doing right now. My plan is to go through all of them in the next few days, and then stay on top of everything in the coming months when I'll be well and truly pressed for time while I'm writing the rest of my book. If I don't do that, I'll feel I've let myself down and that my home is not what it should be. I love that feeling when I can sail through my home and know everything that needs doing has been done and that I can relax and enjoy being there. And let me remind you here, I'm not aiming for perfection, mainly because it doesn't exist, but also because I want a functional, warm and inviting home, not a show piece.

Today, Monday 25 October, marks that day for me where I draw the line and declare that I will fix everything, stay on top of it all, carry out my routines properly every day and have my mind free to concentrate on the writing. Organisation is the key for me. If I can organise myself and my work I'll be able to do everything else that needs doing. So I'm seeing this as a gift for me that only requires a bit of work, sticking to my routines and making the most of the time I have to do my work and to write. I can't concentrate properly if the house isn't right and writing what I need to put in the book would be dishonest and foolish if I was writing one thing and living in another way. So this is it.

Line drawn.

Who will join me? Who needs to do this too? I am going to start a thread at the forum to monitor this and to keep me on track. I challenge you all to join me, to make your own organising challenge that will help you live to your potential in your own home. With many of us doing it and with the support and encouragement that will give us, I know we'll do it. So, who is stepping forward beside me?

The link to the forum thread is here. If you're a member of the forum, you'll go straight there. If you're not yet a member, you'll need to register first. It's free and easy, so take the plunge.