Having a popular blog

21 October 2010
One of the most frequently asked questions I get is: "What's the secret is to having a popular blog?" The truth is, I have no idea. I am more amazed that any one of you that this blog attracts so many readers. My guess is that most of my readers are like minded folk wanting to connect with people who understand them and their way of life. I hope that what I write is clear and easily understood, that the way we live our version of the simple life may light the way for others, and that the intense passion I feel for life is relayed somehow through the words I tap out on my keyboard. And I guess I have to put some of it down to plain old hard work, to the mindset of never giving up, and believing that the mundane and humble tasks of everyday life, housekeeping, family, growing food in the backyard, knitting and sewing are profound and important subjects that others find as interesting as I do.

I feel incredibly lucky to have all sorts of opportunities before me right now that have come from my blog. I am grateful that at a time when many of my contemporaries are starting to wind down, I'm winding up again in a brand new direction with interesting challenges I never thought I'd face. And so now, when I should be settling into my elder years, waiting for grand babies to come along and knitting in my chair, I'm getting ready to complete the book I started so long ago. I never set out to cultivate popularity and I cringe when people say, "Oh you're Rhonda with the blog!" but my focus these past few years has been to show others, and as many of them as I can reach, that living a life of mindless consumerism, debt and detachment, will never come close to the enrichment and satisfaction that simple living brings. The blog gives me the ideal way to convey that message and to show, by example, what comes from developing simple values and living true to them.

I am happier here in my own home than I am in any other place. And when I make my bed in the morning, or sweep the floor, or pull carrots, or collect eggs, I know that here is where I am meant to be. I don't know what I did right to get the family and the life I have; whatever it is I wish I could bottle it and give it away. But I have a feeling that living as we do here, within the simple confines of our home, working side by side, supporting each other, our family and our community, goes a long way towards developing and nurturing the happiness we feel everyday. And maybe that is what people find here - happiness in ordinary life and being content with what we have. Is it that simple?