Change is in the air

17 October 2010
Well, I've just spent a few busy days catering for a community development seminar at my neighbourhood centre. Three days spent out in the community, watching on the side lines as a group of about 25 social workers and youth workers met to exchange ideas and to be motivated to continue their work. It was the last big event I'll help at as co-ordinator of the Centre because I'm beginning to slow down and transition towards handing over the reins to someone else. Last Thursday, I helped shortlist ten excellent applicants for my job. All the while I've been working there I've hoped that when I walked away, I would be leaving behind a strong and efficient Centre and a paid job for a local person. I'm happy to say that job will be a paid one when I leave; I don't want to stay, paid or unpaid, because I feel I've done as much as I can do there and now my priorities are here, at home ... again. I will stay to get the new co-ordinator happily settled and then just go in to do my frugal home workshops and to develop the series of life skills workshops I've just started.

Those of you who listened to my last radio interview will know that I'm working towards a book publishing deal with Penguin Australia. I am so excited! Not only to have the deal but to be working with Penguin. If anyone had asked me who I would like to publish my book, in a spit second I would have said "Penguin". They are a company who have supported great authors, and writing in general, for longer than I care to remember. I grew up reading Penguin books and now, here I am. It's amazing. The proposed publication date is February 2012 and although that is a while away, I've got a lot of work to do to deliver the best book I can. I want to put my name to something that encourages people towards change, that teaches and inspires and I want a book that you can go back to again and again to find information, recipes and motivation. There will be days in the coming months when I won't be able to write here because my concentration will be focused on the book. But I will write as much as I can and I'll also visit the forum every day.

As usual, other things are happening here that I haven't yet told you about. The most important being that Hanno has been in Germany these past few weeks. The kids, my sister and I bought him the ticket for his 70th birthday. He's been enjoying catching up with his family and visiting places he knew in his youth, and, of course, eating all that German food he misses when he's here. I'm missing him a lot but he'll return in another week or so and in the meantime, my sister Tricia, is here now; she came up on Wednesday. She has been helping me with the catering and hand quilting a beautiful red quilt. It's been interesting watching the evolution of this quilt. She brought it will her in her on several visits but now it's nearing completion and has turned into an absolute beauty.

Today I'll be catching up on housework; there is laundry to be done, cleaning and a bit of cooking, but overall I'll be resting and preparing myself for the book. I have to organise my notes and workout a schedule for myself that is realistic and workable. I also have to apologise to the many people who have written emails that I haven't had time to respond to. I love getting your emails, and when I have a few minutes, I do reply to some, but there are so many, most go unanswered. Please be assured though, they are read and many put a smile on my face.

I hope you're having a peaceful weekend and that the week ahead is a great one for all of us.


  1. Change is good Rhonda, it all sounds like perfect timing for you. I am sure your book will be absolutely wonderful and inspire many as you do here on your blog. How special for Hanno to go back to Germany I bet he is having a lovely time. Many good wishes to you. Lors

  2. Congratulations Rhonda....both on the book deal, and your intention to handover the reins of your co-ordinator's job. It's good when we know it's to time to move in a new direction, and more importantly to honour that. I'm sure your Centre will miss you, but will be lucky to have you returning in an 'expert visitor' category.

    How lovely to have your sister come keep you company while Hanno's away. I felt a momentary twinge of envy, I don't have a sister, and my daughter is far away in the US, so I don't have an experience of that family closeness, a familiar visitor who fits in eaily. Never mind, there's always good friends, and my feathery and furry girls :)

    The sun's out here after weeks of rain, so my day will be busy as at last I can paint my new front verandah.

    Look forward to seeing Tricia's quilt...

  3. I look forward to hearing about the production of your book! Enjoy yourself in the writing of it!

  4. Congratulations on your book , Rhonda. Think how many lives you will be able to change through this!Can't wait till it is out!

  5. Can not wait to get a copy of your book!

    Will it be available in the U.S.?

    Blessings from the middle of the U.S.

  6. I'm so excited about your book! But, oh - that is a long time to wait.
    Have fun with all the writing and planning.
    I'll look forward to seeing the quilt - I'm just about finished on a year long quilting project of my own and have enjoyed it so much I'm already looking at what I can do next.

  7. Congratulations on the book! How exciting!

  8. Rhonda, it's good to know when you've contributed all you can to a purpose and it's time to do your own thing again. Many others can't/won't hand over and a project suffers for it.
    Congratulations on the future book. Even though the publish date seems a long time away it will probably pass quicker than anyone thinks. Book purchase suggestions are encouraged at our local library and I'll be waiting for your book to be available so I can put it on the list. If finances permit I may even donate one as I have enjoyed my visits here and have learnt a few things as well.
    I'd love to see a picture of Tricia's quilt as that's another interest of mine.
    Hoping Hanno has had the best time in Germany and has lots of wonderful things to talk about when he returns.

  9. I would stand in line for DAYS to buy your book - I look forward to it greatly - I will also buy copies to give to my daughters on their wedding days, or whenever they start to keep their own homes.


  10. Congratulations on your book deal. It was lovely to hear your voice on the radio broadcast. Melbourne is very cold & rainy this weekend, so glad I held off planting the tomato seedlings. Enjoy the coming week.

  11. I am so thrilled that you are writing all your knowledge and experiences re frugal living into a book, I will eagerly await the publication. Congratulations and well done you!!

  12. I wish you all the best in the writing of your book! I will be among the eager ones waiting to buy it and if it is anything like your will be extremely successful and helpful to all who read it!! Darlene

  13. Sounds to me like your book will be a great inspiration. I look forward to reading it!

  14. Rhonda... I so enjoy your blog and if your book is as informative as your blog, you have a winner. My son and daughter-in-law have been going to school in Geelong and have had many wonderful experiences in Australia. They will be coming back to Idaho at the end of this month and I will be glad to see them. I have missed them a lot. They have taken so many wonderful photos that I almost feel like I have been there myself.
    Thank you for all that you do and looking forward to purchasing your book.
    Cheers! Cori from Idaho, USA

  15. Very exciting about the book deal, and sounds like there are quite a few things happening in your world at the moment. Good things!

  16. Oh my goodness, changes are a coming!! I think you will miss your volunteer position, but going to the Centre to do your classes will help.

    I will look forward to the day that your book comes to the US.

  17. Well there's lots happening up in your neck of the woods Rhonda. All sounds exciting. Great news that you now have a date for your book launch. These new seasons in our lives can be very exciting.After all this time I still like to check your blog every day and still find inspiration.

    Blessings Gail

  18. I find your blog to be so encouraging and informative and 'down to earth'. I look forward to hearing more about your book and hope that I'll be able to get a copy in Canada once it is published. I wish you the best!

  19. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! So happy for you!

  20. Congratulations Rhonda.

    Change can be a good thing.

    It's great that you are leaving behind something that will help others and that you will still be doing your part, just not in the same way.

    I love your blog. You have inspired me and so many others who read your posts.

    Thank you for all of your tips to live a more frugal and fulfilling life.

    Hugs ~ FlowerLady

  21. I can't believe you would taunt us with narration on the quilt, and not share a picture with us! :)

  22. Fantastic news about the progress with the book deal. When this little book comes out I hope I can get hold of it here in Britain.
    So please for you, as I`m sure this will help you and your growing family in the future!!!
    Lots of love,

  23. Congratulations on your book deal. It is an exciting venture for sure!

  24. good morning Rhonda, even if I am a day late. Lovely to hear all your news, I'm especially intrigued by Trisha's hand quilting!

  25. Congratulations Rhonda, on your book deal and your upcoming retirement! I can't wait for your book to come out, I definitely want to purchase a copy! I'm sorry for us that you won't blog as often, but understand totally. You and Hanno are very inspiring to me and so many around the world! I happen to look on a globe and I think you all are about as far on the other side of the world as is possible and still are so close via internet!! I live in West Virginia, USA. Thanks again for all you write! Elly

  26. Congratulations on your book deal! That's wonderful. I'll be looking forward to it coming out and I know everyone else who knows you and follows you will as well! I know you're excited to be winding down at your Centre - I'm cutting back, too, and can't wait to have more time for my husband, family, home and myself! Hope Hanno is having a blast, and I'm glad you're spending time with your sister!



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