Production, comfort and the cultivation of happiness.

29 October 2010
Well, Hanno has been home two days now and everything is beginning to feel right again. Cups of tea are being made, there are meals for two again instead of egg on toast for one, Alice has stopped moping around; slowly we're getting back into our rhythm. We went grocery shopping this morning and went early to get in and out before the crowds. Well, that was the plan but the crowds always seem to be around now and the shop was full. That once sleepy fishing and holiday town is now full of high rise buildings, tourists, and shoppers. And so many people are rude! Talking on a mobile phone in the lift, parking the 4x4 at the front entrance and blocking cars on one side, so he could pack his groceries in the shade. There were people pushing and shoving and what I thought might be a fairly pleasant and slow stroll down the supermarket aisles turned into a nightmare that I wanted to wake up from. I was so pleased to head for home!

There is something about it - that turn of the wheel into our own driveway that makes me feel good every time. Home again, thank goodness!

Hanno still isn't feeling the best so he went back to bed for a rest when we came home. I came into my workroom to continue sorting and folding fabric. I am still strongly committed to getting my work room in order before I dive head first into writing. I know this work will pay off in increased productivity because I will not be surrounded by chaos and remnants of projects waiting to be completed. I know that if I want calm and intelligent writing, that must come from a calm and supportive space. Almost all the fabrics Tricia left behind are folded and today I'll move most of the fabric, wool and cotton yarns into the cupboard Hanno is clearing out for me. We're nearly there!

Our homes are the one true place we can modify, change, rearrange, and organise to completely suit ourselves and our families. And while I cannot go up to the man who thoughtlessly parked his car in the shade and tell him to MOVE! I can move things around in my own home to make it a place that encourages creative hours and productive work. I might not be able to take that mobile phone from the woman in the lift and tell her to stop being so rude but I can sit quietly, look out the window and appreciate the flowering garden and the sound of birds.

Here I can do anything, and everything. Soon, another day will dawn, bread will be on the rise, breakfasts made, animals fed and the workings of our home will start again. I'll forget the trip to the supermarket and maybe even that the little fishing town where we shop is a tourist city now, forever changed to better suit the machinations of modern life and not the soft memories of an aging woman. Life changes, I get that, and I'm fine with it, because here in my home time is not as important as production, comfort and the cultivation of happiness.

I just wanted to mention that I'm really pleased with the number of people who have joined in the organisation challenge. Over on the forum, where we're all writing about our own particular challenge, there have been 100 posts in a thread that's expanded over 11 pages. It's so motivating and interesting to read how everyone is working towards their own version of clean, tidy and organised. And it's not over yet. Some of these projects, like mine, will go on for some time. Come and join us if you're organising or want to but can't get started. Just reading some of those posts makes you want to get up and start looking for your apron and cleaning rags.

I hope you have a lovely weekend. Thank you for your visits this week.


  1. How many people don't understand that feeling of " how good it is to be home". I get that feeling whenever I am in the city. Everyone is hustling about and I am hustling to get home away from it all.

    As I get older I find there are stores I won't shop in anymore due to that anxiety feeling.

    No matter where I have been turning into our laneway makes me feel very calm.

    Home is where I hang my heart .....too!

  2. It is always pleasant to arrive home where the pace suits me best.


  3. Good morning Rhonda,
    I totally agree with you about the change in our little seaside towns. Now that we have moved again from the big smoke I do find that most of the shoppers down here are pleasant, but it only takes one or two rude people to make me want to head for home. This seems so often to be a me!!!! society and so many have lost the joy of considering others.
    I to, love to be in my home where I can choose how I want to live. I derive great comfort from this little piece of land that we are slowly moulding to suit our needs. The thrill of seeing the big fellow come in with a bucket full of fresh vegies for our lunch or dinner is wonderful. I am learning to slow down again and just walk through my day instead of running and this brings a peace that feels so right. I guess that is what I really enjoy about "Down to Earth". The gentleness and peace I see as I read your posts.
    Nice to know Hanno is home safe and sound and I wish you both a lovely quiet weekend with cuppas on your verandah and lots of chats about his trip.
    Blessings Gail

  4. I agree...nothing better than going *home*! :)

    Enjoy your weekend Rhonda! :)

  5. Maybe people are rude because they are allowed to be, and have not been called out for it. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for picking ones battles so to speak. However, every once in awhile when I encounter rudeness, I muster all the diplomacy I can and "address" the situation. Of course I could just be getting a wee bit cranky as I mature. As always though, I too am quite glad to return home :-)

  6. I'm smack bang in the middle of the city so know your feelings of frustration all too well, and last night I had a lovely catch up with a friend SANS cherubs- we chatted til 11.45pm! I stopped at the supermarket (or stupid market as my friend calls it) on the way home to pick up some milk- bliss! Just me and the shelf packers.

  7. Good morning Rhonda, isn't shopping the horrors sometimes? "east, west, home's best".

  8. I too know the feeling of how good it is to be home.When I did work (I stay at home with my 2 year old now)I lived an hour away from home.Home is in the country,and work was in the city in a busy car dealership.The drive was awful with all the rude drivers.I hated it.I started to feel better when I finally got on my road and passed the big old church on the ridge.The ridge overlooks nothing but green country side,and cows.I felt that calming feeling as soon as I seen that church and I knew I was home.

  9. I think if you do not have that overwhelming good feeling on your arrival home , it means you need to make your house more like a sanctuary for yourself and your family,like you have Rhonda and so many other people who read this blog. Homemaker has two different meanings but to me it simply means 'making your house feel like home'.
    I thank you for reminding me of this when we get caught up in the hustle and bustle of getting kids to school etc.. This place should always be a place of calmness and peace , no matter what we are doing.

  10. I really enjoy reading your posts.
    Now if you can just tell me how to find more hours in my day I would so appreciate it! LOL It sounded good though right? :-) My to do list is a mile long and I'm usually quite organized but being a busy Mom I feel somedays it's hard to keep up with it all. A vacation away from the hectic lifestule would be so great about now. That's one reason I enjoy visiting your blog, it calms me. Thank you.

  11. I too feel that way about home. It's really true that "there's no place like home." Home is the only place I can find true peace and contentment. It's where I am needed, and where I belong.

  12. Living in the countryside means visiting the nearest small town for our basic groceries. Normally a pleasant experience often with meeting a neighbour in the aisles at the same time.
    From time to time we have to go to the big city. When I visit the hypermarkets there it's not the other shoppers who overwhelm me but the huge choice of the same type of articles. I don't know where to start any longer. It becomes a stressful experience when it should be a pleasure.
    Seeing your photo of the lemons took me back to the post about whole orange cake. I have now made this several times. Last week I tried it with lemons and it was just as delicious.

  13. I don't often comment, but I always read your posts. You always leave me feeling calm, so thankyou!

  14. Closing the front door behind me, putting on my slippers and making a cup of tea. Absolute bliss!

  15. I bet it is nice to have Hanno home. Hope he had a lovely visit!

    Love Leanne



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