Weekend reading

8 September 2017
If you're making the recipes I posted yesterday, please check them again. A couple of kind readers alerted me to two mistakes which have now been fixed.  My thanks to Bernie and Sandra.

Enough meatballs cooking on the stove for a few days.  Yesterday we had them with pasta, today it's meatball tacos and tomorrow, who knows.

With the weather moving from hot to cold and from cold to hot, depending in the world you are located, I hope you enjoy the change over the coming weekend and weeks ahead.  Here, we've been putting the final touches on our summer garden preparations and can now sit back and relax for a short while.  I'll be cleaning up my work room tomorrow with some knitting and sewing on Sunday.

Thanks for your visits this week, enjoy your weekend and try to take it easy, at least for a few hours. :- )

My first link is to one of my blog workshop ladies.  Frances Lee Studio I'm sure you'll find Frances' blog interesting and helpful.
Women doing housework - Easy does it. The voice over on this is incredible, I remember when women were thought about in these terms. Thank goodness we've improved ourselves since then.
The Simple Year - Simple living in rural Alaska
St Clements polenta cake with blueberries
So Now You've Got a Chest Freezer