Weekend reading

29 September 2017
The temperature rose to 38C here yesterday which isn't a good start to the season, especially as we have very little water. Still, I did water everything and hope that the rain predicted for next week actually falls and fills the tanks.  We have a few days of school holidays left with Jamie here today and the weekend. He and I talked about this earlier and he wants to help make a "big cake" today, he's moving on from cup cakes. :- )

Yesterday's lunch - salmon, potatoes and a simple salad.

Apart from trying to keep the plants alive, I've been decluttering and getting our unwanted items ready for a garage sale. If you're in Australia or NZ, it's good work for this time of year and if you have my The Simple Home book, the October chapter leads you through this and spring cleaning.

I live a healthier life now I’m free of the trappings of modernity
Grown and Gathered - I'd never heard of Lentil and Matt until I stumbled on to their fabulous blog. Their book looks great too. I love seeing young people sharing what they know and encouraging others to develop useful life skills.
Do you have a plan B or C?  I love reading Grandma Donna's blog. It's full of practical information and encouragement and it's written by someone who knows what she's doing. This post is a stand out one for me and although I do many of thing things she writes about, it's an excellent reminder to keep on keeping on.