15 September 2017

Weekend reading

I had my eyes tested on Monday and was told I have cataracts on both eyes. They're not bad enough to be operated on yet but he said they could grow in 6 months or 10 years and to go back if I notice changes in my vision. Sometimes I have blurred vision so I guess it will get worse. Tricia had cataracts removed from her eyes a couple of years ago and had surgery soon after she was diagnosed. I'm developing mine at the same age she was then. Luckily it's only day surgery so I'll go to the specialist who removed Hanno's cataracts a few years ago.

My using up some eggs oven frittata.  Eight eggs, boiled potatoes, capsicum, onion, garlic, silver beet, cheese, salt, pepper, chilli flakes and a splosh of cream.  Delicious hot or cold.

Once upon a time I had a second blog called the Simple, Green Frugal Co-op. The blog had a changing list of wonderful writers who I invited to write there. It's been in moth balls in recent years - the last post was written by the wonderful Rose in May 2015. I thought it was about time to release the power of this project again because there is such excellent content there. Let me know what you think of it.  PLEASE NOTE: I am only one of the writers on the other blog, there are about 15 other writers. It was my intention to encourage other writers who didn't get the traffic I have.

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Sea salt around the world is contaminated by plastic
Top 10 tips for feeding a crowd on a budget without skimping on flavour


  1. I really hope that your eyesight won't get worse, Rhonda. I don't know much about cataract, but it's a relief to hear that it's not a complicated surgery.
    Thank you so much for the link to your other blog. I just visited and there's so much to read. I know what I'll be doing this weekend. :)
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  2. Sorry to hear about the cataracts Rhonda. You seem calm about it as both Hanno and your sister have already had them. I know from family members that the surgery is effective when the time is right. Wishing you a lovely relaxed weekend.

  3. Your quiche looks delicious, Rhonda, and has me thinking I might make one for lunches over the weekend with some veg I need to use up. I will be checking out that buttermilk link too. I love using buttermilk in baking. Have a lovely weekend. Meg:)

  4. Goodmorning Rhonda, thanks for your posts this week, I always enjoy reading them and your frittata looks wonderful, simple and delicious. Have a wonderful weekend too.

  5. Good morning! Just looking at the subject lines of your second blog has me interested, particularly '50 or older, bring on the power naps'!. This is something I can relate to! It all looks interesting to me and there's plenty of new information there to make me perk up my ears. Good luck with your cataracts. I'm glad you have decided you will have them removed. My mother has them and is only getting worse. At 83 she just is too scared to have them removed and is getting blinder all the time. I have just subscribed her to your blog so now she has more good reasons to be able to read clearly :)

    1. Hi Lisa. I'm sorry your mum is suffering with her vision. I hope she reads this, if not please pass it on to her. I do not like going to the doctor and I have to force myself to do it. However, having seen both my sister and husband have their cataracts removed I know it's a minor procedure now. It used to be a big deal with general anaesthetic, pain killers and a stay in hospital. Now it's done under local anaesthetic, she can probably have a tranquilliser if she needs it, my sister tells me you feel no pain and it takes only a short period of time. After a couple of hours of observation, you go home. They usually do one eye at a time. During the procedure the doctor inserts a new lens in the eye so when you start reading again, often you don't need your glasses. It really is a simple procedure now. But I do understand your mother's anxiety and I hope she can talk to her doctor to discuss medication or relaxation therapy to ease her through it. Just two days having her eyes fixed will result in her being able to read, sew and wander around as she used to. xx

  6. Thanks for the reminder Rhonda, I haven't thought of the Simple, Green, Frugal Co-op blog in ages. Rose has been in my thoughts in the last couple of weeks especially whenever I think of de-cluttering. I miss her. It will be good to re-read some of her posts.

  7. Good morning Rhonda. Your fritatta looks utterly divine. Now I know what's cooking this weekend! Sorry to hear about your cataracts. One way to look at it is that it is a sign of a life well lived with the promise of more to come. I think!

  8. Hi Rhonda. Yes my Grandma had hers removed a few years back now and she doesn't need glasses to read anymore and she is now 92 years old! Definitely worth having it done for the quality of life it brings back. Looking forward to checking out the links and the blog. Have a lovely weekend.

  9. Just when I think your Down to Earth blog is so comprehensive and well written I find out there is another one:) You are amazing. I love frittata as well. Sorry to hear about your cataracts, these things are always worrying for us, however fortunately eye surgery is so successful these days.Have a great weekend Rhonda. Pauline

  10. Thanks for sharing the link to your (older) blog. :) I love it and can't wait to be able to spend some time reading the posts. Have a wonderful weekend, Rhonda!

  11. My mum had her cataracts removed and it was wonderful as she was a great reader. Please dont worry when the time comes, it will be worth it to see clearly. Cheers Julie D Pilbara WA

  12. Oh the Coop-blog! It was wonderful!

  13. Hi Rhonda, so sorry about you having cataracts, it will become so frustrating, but I know you will take it in your stride. I can't wait to start reading the old blog. God Bless and have a wonderful weekend. Patricia

  14. I had cataract surgery 3 years ago and not only did they remove the cataracts, but they corrected the astigmatism so I no longer have to wear glasses! What a blessing! I only need reading glasses from the dollar store and the lowest magnification now. So the surgery was a huge improvement for me. Hope you will e as fortunate Rhonda!

  15. I'm sorry about your cataracts Rhonda however it sounds like surgery brings great results.
    I love your old blog and had no idea it was there. I went right back to the beginning but then found recipes so will be lost in that area for a while I think. You are full of surprises.
    Have a lovely weekend.

  16. I'm so sorry to hear about your eye issues, Rhonda. Thankfully, you seem to have a great support system around you should surgery become necessary.
    Thank you a million times for the link to the Co-op blog; I've just started reading the posts and it's a fount of information and inspiration!

  17. I had cataracts in my 40s. They progressed quite quickly and within 6 months I needed surgery because I could not see well enough to drive and had trouble working. While the surgery did not correct all my vision problems, I still need glasses for driving and reading, it has been life changing.

    I was very nervous about the first surgery but it was amazingly easy. By the time the 2nd surgery was scheduled, I could hardly wait to have it done.


  18. I have been reading your blog for years but had no idea about the other one! I feel like it's Christmas here this weekend as I get to trawl through your old posts! Thank you. As the others have already said, so sorry to hear about your cataracts.

  19. Yes, please bring back the coop blog. I really enjoyed reading the different views and varied subjects. I miss it.

  20. I had a look at the Simple, Green Frugal Co-op; what fantastic idea, please get it up and running again. Cheers, Lyndie

  21. I too am developing cataracts. My vision got to the stage that it was bugging me because my distance vision could not be corrected properly. The left eye wasn't bad enough to have it done on health insurance, so I bit the bullet and had it done privately. I then need to have the right eye lasered, unfortunately not LASIK as my cornea is too uneven, so I had PRK.

    Best money I have spent. The cataract was a doodle. Could easily work the next day. The PRK was not as good and took 7-10 days before I was back to normal.

    My right eye cataract is now developing, I'll probably go private again in a year or so, depending on how quickly it develops.

  22. Yes, please bring back the other blog. That's how I first found you and other bloggers too.
    Cheers,SJ in Vancouver BC


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